Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Atlantean Submersible? FATHOM the possibilities!

Greetings, greetings!  Tis I, the Good Captain called out of retirement with a message of great importance.  Ahem...GREAT IMPORTANCE, so please do listen up!

You, in the back there, yes yes with the goggles and spanner.  Listen up dear cog, would you.

A very close and dear personal friend of mine, Nathaniel Lockhart, is in desperate need of your help.  He, like yours truly, is quite the adventurer and he's stumbled onto to something rather extraordinary down in the West Indies.

You see, dear Nathaniel was in a terrible wreck.  No fault of his own I assure you.  His recollections of the incident are hazy at best but the poor boy is now plagued with horrible dreams and visions of the wreck, or perhaps it should more appropriately be called...the attack!  For in his dreams the ship is set upon by mechanical monstrosities.

Where you all come in, is in additional to these nightmarish episodes it seems Lockhart also has in his mind the schematics to a submersible vehicle, but the design and engineering are far too revolutionary in design, efficiency, aesthetic beauty, power conversion ratios, rate of change of angular momentum, and...well you get the idea.

He did share these schematics with me and well, to put it in the vulgar colloquialisms of the underclasses - Lockhart is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I hope you understand that.  I for one have no idea what a, shed, is but apparently is where those dirt covered sots store tools.

Here's part of the schematics he sent me.  It truly is a magnificent looking craft.  He has dubbed it the Bathysphere!

Anyway, Nathaniel Lockhart is becoming obsessed with creating this submersible and getting to the bottom of these visions he's plagued with.  He has had some issues with funding however.  This machine requires some very exotic components.  He is asking for aid in completing the Bathysphere and in exchange is offering a great many returns on the investment.

Normally the Good Captain shudders at the thought of soliciting, especially on behalf of others, but I have the aching suspicion that these events have something to do with the famed Atlantis.  You see, when I was a younger man traipsing about the West Indies I did encounter a Vodoun priestess in the isles of... What's that?  Oh right, Lockhart.

Please, for the good of scientific discovery and the safety of water-borne travels through the West Indies, contribute what you can so dear Nathaniel Lockhart can explore the region and uncover the mysteries that sunk his ship and implanted the schematics of the Bathysphere in his spacious head.

Please visit his Kickstarter page for full details of his investment sche...I mean opportunity.

Here is full documentation on his incident and planned course of action once funding is complete