Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dorian's Parlor, Brimsteam, and The Good Captain's Creations!

Welcome once again friends and crew! You must forgive me my dalliances in sharing news of the æthyr but suddenly the Good Captain's services have been in rather high demand.

I was contacted by the proprietor of Brimsteam to create many a steampunk machine and monstrosity for his group of adventurers on a monthly basis! What a splendid idea, to capitalize on the the Good Captain's loyal army of admirers and well-wishers to draw people to his Adventurers Club...Steampunk Adventurers Club...Adventures in Steampunk! Haha, I bet you did not see that connection before!

To be a bit more clear, Brimsteam is a group of people who gather monthly to live out adventures in a steampunk world of mad machines, merciless monsters, and mischievous mechanics. It is great fun using latex swords and nerf style weapons as well as sharp wits and cunning intelligences to be the heroes of the day! And if I didn't mention, the Good Captain will be creating a continuous stream of devilishly clever contraptions to challenge, reward, and intrigue those daring adventurers who join us. It truly is exciting and exhilarating, and also a wonderful opportunity to get out and do something fun with other steampunks!

You can join the fun that is Brimsteam at Dorian's Parlor, in Philadelphia, PA. Dorian's Parlor is a monthly gathering of steampunk ladies, gentleman, and villains who assemble to share common interests in music, fashion, poetry and storytelling, and other refined and most civilized interests. Soon they will be hunting down clues to lost technology amongst scraps of ancient texts...but I fear I may have said too much!

If you are in the Philadelphia area, or even if you're not but have access to a reliable airship, do try to attend Dorian's Parlor and Brimsteam. It will expand your horizons and you'll have the opportunity to meet the Good Captain as well as see him amazing inventions and contraptions!