Monday, July 11, 2011

Steampunk Medals of Honor

Well my stalwart little cogs, I'm sure you won't believe this but without all of you the good captain would never be able to live this gentlemanly life of leisure to which he's become so inclined.  I know, hard to believe all your toiling in the boiler rooms and gear boxes is truly necessary to the finer workings of the Anomaly Obscura Engine but it's true.  I need you, and more than that I wish to honor you.

Come now, chin up and dry those tears of joy. The ceremony is about to begin!

First, to my most loyal crew of mechanics, mech boys, boiler monkeys, and gear heads.  To you I present the brass asterisk, symbolic of the special mark I have to place next to your achievements for that little "you-know-what" installed on the "you-know-what."  If you know what I mean.  If not, clearly you don't work in the engine rooms and should really know better than to pry into a gentleman's business.  Really now.

Next up, for all my crew who keep the Anomaly Obscura Engine flying high and proud, the navigators, communicators, cogitators, and explicators I present to you the highest honor I can bestow (mainly because the lower shelves were all too full to store them) - the Obscura Medal of Honor!  Behold the word Veneratio emblazoned on the ribbon beneath the skull.  That's Latin for Honor, what you bring my ship by your loyal service!

Finally, to the fearless marines, the pilots, and the spanner wielding wild man still lurking in the lower decks somewhere I award you with the Golden Prop Medal.  This represents your bravery in rushing to the front lines of any engagement so that your dashing captain can retreat without being noticed by the enemy!  Also, for that incident in Constantinople last month.  Yes, yes, that's the one.  Cheers!

Congratulations my dear crew.  Keep up the good work.  Right oh, for King and Country!

Incidentally, should anyone else wish to be presented with one (or all) of these medals of honor they merely need visit the Steamtech store where they are all available in 3 different finishes.

Now, take the rest of the night off and celebrate!  You've earned it.  Remember, bright and early we set off for Bombay and it's a rough trip with a hangover so don't overdue it.  Hah, like anyone working for me, the good captain, would ever overdo it!

*whistles innocently on his way back to the captain's quarters*