Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weaponized Steampunk Wonders...Guns and Rifles for Personal Defense

The good captain is not one to resort to weapons often, much preferring a sharp wit and dash of heroics to escape harrowing situations when at all possible, but there are times when violence is a wholly appropriate and even necessary strategy. My preferred example is of course, being beset upon by the horrors of the night - the myriad specters, wraiths, lycanthropes and other most uncivilized beasties. Trust your captain, when you're staring down the gullet of a angry nether beast you'll realize how much you'd rather have a sword than a pen, regardless of folksy logic regarding their comparative strengths.

As I know how some, alright most, of my beloved crew are quite fond of firearms despite the unsettling noise and ungentlemanly odors often associated with them, I'll not keep you waiting in suspense any longer. Without further ado, here are some of the good captain's favorite firearms from the steampunk worlds of the æthyr. As beautiful and tempting as most of these artistic expressions of pure unadultered violence are, please refrain from firing your own weapons in the air as an expression of approval. Unless of course you see sky pirates, or a nether beast.

First, we have a most exquisite pistol made from an airsoft gun.  This just oozes steampunk style while still being well grounded in antique appeal.  This is most certainly the type of gun the good captain would wield should he ever resort to such things.  I do believe I would need a larger scope however...

 ...much like this absolutely gorgeous repeating steampunk rifle.  Indeed if you look carefully you'll notice the cylinder similar to the pistol above allowing for quite speedy firing.  If you happen to look very closely you might also see "Coot" Williams in the background.  (Hint: He's holding the rifle!).  A quick word of condolences to the family of Winthrop Chesterfield, the brave soul who captured this image.  Truly, Coot holding this rifle is the last thing most people see.

 Next for your studied eye, behold the power and majesty of this six barreled hand cannon of a pistol.  With the ability to fire each barrel individually or all six at once, even those most unsavory creatures of the night would think twice before advancing on a dashing captain holding this aloft.  This gun has the added benefit of being quite heavy and capable of being used as a bludgeon should your shaking hand miss with those meticulously crafted silver bullets in the face of such untold horror.

Finally, a personal favorite.  The æthyr rifle!  This inverse oscillating magnetic transducing rifle fires specially crafted rounds that not only serve to create large holes in your target, but it also injects the unfortunate victim with a paralyzing agent while simultaneously delivering an electrical discharge powerful enough to knock a buzzard off a dung cart.  This is pure steampunk art as expressed through sheer destructive power, and that is something we can all appreciate!

For those more astute crew members, you are quite correct in your observation that I indeed prefer more historic looking firearms as opposed to the myriad ray guns many of my compatriots fancy.  I have had more than a few close calls that shouldn't have been close at all, simply due to the esoteric mechanisms of such guns deciding it was too humid to work, or after a quick volley they were due a few minutes off.  Hmm, that sounds like some of my crew... speaking of which, you should get back to the boilers and try not to shoot your eye out.  Those goggles on your hat are for more than looking good!  Although they do look quite good, are they new?
(If anyone has information as to the proper credits for any of these weapons or images I would love to add them here, however in the good captain's voyage through the æthyr I could find no such information.  If you know who or where any of these come from please leave a comment so I can properly credit the talented gunsmiths who brought these to our eyes.  I would be greatly in your debt.  Perhaps not greatly, but I would appreciate it nonetheless)

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