Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Steampunk Notes of Hieronymous Lord Black, Now With Musical Accompaniment

Greetings and salutations, dear friends and crew.  It has been a most interesting and productive week in the workshop of the Anomaly Obscura Engine as the good captain, that would be me, Renquist Von Reik, has stumbled upon a most unusual notebook.  Indeed, it has through a series of fortuitious and serendipitous events that I've come upon the personal notes of one Hieronymous Lord Black, a steampunk genius of alternative and esoteric scientific theories and formula that when written would surely have branded the man a heretic or worse - mad!  Well, fear not beloved crew for the good captain fears no such labels (as they've already been associated with my person in the past) and thusly, I have endeavored to recreate some of his designs.  I know what you're thinking, oh valorous and dashing captain my captain, you've not shown one whit of talent in any field before, why try your hand at it now?  Well, to that I say poppycock!  Do you forget who design and built the Anomaly Obscura Engine?  What, Da Vinci?  Well yes, it is based upon certain cryptic drawings and notes of his but it was I who brought it all together was it not?  Now please, be settled and continue on.  Perhaps after a spot of tea.

As I was saying, the good captain has begun to work on Hieronymous Lord Black's steam powered top hat.  A simply ingenious device that monitors the weather, regulates the wearer's temperature, and scans the æthyr via spectromographic wavelengths for apparitions and specters that might wish harm upon the wearer.  Allegedly, with some simple modifications alluded to by Lord Black this top hat can also protect the wearer from said specters but it remained untested in his lifetime.  Needless to say your fearless captain fully intends to implement said modification as to protect his person from otherworldly harm, which incidentally, I feel is the worst kind of harm of all!  This worldly harm can be most unpleasant, but otherworldly harm is unpleasant and quite unsporting to boot, seeing as to the lack of warning or protections available to the common coggie.

I have already assembled the top hat itself out of fine 3oz leather, and it looks quite dashing if I don't say so myself.  I am currently putting the finishing touches on it while simultaneously preparing the copper and brass piping that such a design requires.  Soon I shall start the boiler, attach the precautionary valves, and fine tune the spectromographer and we shall see if Lord Black's design does indeed work.  I know you shall all be praying tonight before you sleep for the good captain's safety and rugged good looks (since a hat does sit dangerously close to a face after all) and if not perhaps you should, you can use some good karma my dear gearjockey.  Prepare to witness firsthand several daguerreotypes I am preparing on the matter.

In the meantime, I have not returned from a weeks adventure with naught but a dusty old journal of some one-and-a-half-witted-steampunk-genius!  No my friends, after digging through the æthyric archives I have also returned with images of a most amazing musical device created by one Moritz Wolpert.  Behold the Etched Brass Modular Analog Synth!

 The brass etchings were all drawn out by hand and etched with a master craftsman's attention to detail.  The knobs were all hand turned on a rudimentary lathe and attached with great care and a modicum of brandy as who among us would not celebrate such an amazing creation!  Especially upon hearing that it took dear Wolpert two years to complete.  It should be noted this is fully functioning and not merely for your aesthetic approval.  It was at the wondrous Make site that I did stumble across this, if you wish to investigate further.

I have additionally a teaser for those of you asking yourselves, with this new found threat of otherworldly harm being performed upon me I wonder what amazing weapons the good captain uses in his elegant defense.  Well, soon you shall wonder no more!

Finally, my favorite cog in the crew (a rotating affectation determined by a strict criteria of who has bestowed more gifts upon me) sent me a lovely and quite entertaining book entitled Doctor Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory (Catalogue Edition) Imagine a tongue in cheek Sears Roebuck catalog written for steampunks.  Do check it out, as it will help you pass the time waiting for more news of the good captain's derring-do.  Until then read on, dream of the many steamy wonders hidden out in our vast world, and don't forget to get back to the gears!

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