Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steampunk Cinematics for the Small Screen

Welcome once again my friends and lovely crew.  It has been quite a week for the good captain, in fact I am still trying to catch my breath from the incredible adventures I have been undertaking since last we spoke.  Explorations of the weird west, the dust bowl, the fallen kingdoms, and other lands that defy a simple teasing description.  Fear not little coggies, for the good captain did not once forget about you and all the while I was out undertaking quests of startling magnitude I was ever vigilant for those who were capturing these tales in their moving picture machines.  Yes, that's right...moving pictures of steampunk fantasy I have for you today.  You don't mind if I try to clean the dirt out of my leather frock coat while I continue do you?  It is so dreadfully difficult to get out of the stitching you know.  Righto, then let's begin shall we.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Steampunk Fiction Reviews and Imperial Delight

While taking a break from my lately excessive amounts of time spent in the workshop I decided what the good captain could really use was a bit of mental exercise to balance the physical I've been performing as of late.  Calibrating the Anomaly Obscura Engine I set into the æthyr and did encounter a most amazing resource, created by a gentleman of such character.  The site upon which I did land was none other than The Steampunk Scholar by Mike Perschon.  This place of his is well named, as this gentleman truly is a scholar, and that's not just praise!  Mr. Perschon is faculty at Grant MacEwan University as well as continuing his own education at the University of Alberta in the doctoral program so highly spoken of there.  See now, a true scholar despite his obvious Canadian leanings, which we'll not be holding against the good man.

His writings at the Steampunk Scholar are perhaps the best resource in all the æthyr for those looking for steampunk fiction.  In a most educated and erudite fashion there does he examine, review and recommend the very best of the tales of love, romance, adventure and perhaps other darker stories from the time we all love so dearly.  I was quite impressed upon digging deeper to see the amount and quality of the content, and truthfully I had no idea that such a plethora of steampunk writing even existed!  Naturally, with February being the month of romance that has been his focus as of late, with the most lustful tales taking the fore for those of you interested in such.  I assure you, this had no impact on the impression the site left with the good captain...no, none at all.  Irregardless, anyone interested in reading wonderful tales of the steampunk variety would be well served by visiting the scholar for advice on where to begin or where to head next.  I know I will be!

Another incredible site I've just recently discovered is the intrepid Steampunk Empire!  This is your essential one stop shop for all things steampunk, boasting thousands of members, tens of thousands of steampunk images, nearly a thousand videos, and a forum brimming forth with the wisdom of all manner of man, woman, and creature.  I cannot even begin to explain the world and wealth of information to be found there.  It is a place one must simply explore on their own to realize the full breath and scope of what is contained within.  One thing I feel compelled to point out is the wonderful calendar of steampunk events as well as the groups to be found there.  Looking for something steamy to do?  Check the calendar!  Looking for others in your area to paint the town red with?  Join a group!  That alone is worth a visit for, no?  Not to mention the site has a most appealing ambiance that seems to encourage one to pour out a measured snifter of cognac, light up a pipe and sit back with a good book, perhaps one recommended by a a certain scholar.

Before you do however, there's a squeak in the samophlange that needs oiling and phlogiston detector is detecting only it's own malfunction.  There's time for all that later, so for now back to work with you.  I've a book to read while you do.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weaponized Steampunk Wonders...Guns and Rifles for Personal Defense

The good captain is not one to resort to weapons often, much preferring a sharp wit and dash of heroics to escape harrowing situations when at all possible, but there are times when violence is a wholly appropriate and even necessary strategy. My preferred example is of course, being beset upon by the horrors of the night - the myriad specters, wraiths, lycanthropes and other most uncivilized beasties. Trust your captain, when you're staring down the gullet of a angry nether beast you'll realize how much you'd rather have a sword than a pen, regardless of folksy logic regarding their comparative strengths.

As I know how some, alright most, of my beloved crew are quite fond of firearms despite the unsettling noise and ungentlemanly odors often associated with them, I'll not keep you waiting in suspense any longer. Without further ado, here are some of the good captain's favorite firearms from the steampunk worlds of the æthyr. As beautiful and tempting as most of these artistic expressions of pure unadultered violence are, please refrain from firing your own weapons in the air as an expression of approval. Unless of course you see sky pirates, or a nether beast.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Steampunk Notes of Hieronymous Lord Black, Now With Musical Accompaniment

Greetings and salutations, dear friends and crew.  It has been a most interesting and productive week in the workshop of the Anomaly Obscura Engine as the good captain, that would be me, Renquist Von Reik, has stumbled upon a most unusual notebook.  Indeed, it has through a series of fortuitious and serendipitous events that I've come upon the personal notes of one Hieronymous Lord Black, a steampunk genius of alternative and esoteric scientific theories and formula that when written would surely have branded the man a heretic or worse - mad!  Well, fear not beloved crew for the good captain fears no such labels (as they've already been associated with my person in the past) and thusly, I have endeavored to recreate some of his designs.  I know what you're thinking, oh valorous and dashing captain my captain, you've not shown one whit of talent in any field before, why try your hand at it now?  Well, to that I say poppycock!  Do you forget who design and built the Anomaly Obscura Engine?  What, Da Vinci?  Well yes, it is based upon certain cryptic drawings and notes of his but it was I who brought it all together was it not?  Now please, be settled and continue on.  Perhaps after a spot of tea.