Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Belated Holidays Wishes

Merry Christmas and a most Wonderful New Year to all family, friends, and yes even you my little cogheads.  You'll have to forgive the tardiness of my holiday cheers, but I'm sure you understand the unexpected craziness that can occur this time of year.  Especially when entertaining as many guests as the good captain did, including a most pleasant gentleman (captured in quite the stoic looking pose to the left) whose steam powered reindeer sleigh experienced unexpected troubles leading to a midnight mayday and heroic mid-air rescue in quite the powerful North Atlantic snow storm over Greenland by yours truly.  Fear not, the steam powered reindeer and sleigh, including he told me roughly one year's worth of marvelous steam powered toys he was delivering to all his nieces and nephews - and he must have some family judging by the amount of gifts in his sack - were all safely accounted for and easily repaired by the stalwart crew of the Anomaly Obscura Engine.  Oh, before I forget Captain Claus asked that I extend his wishes of a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight as well.

A most interesting chap with a collection of most interesting toys he carried.  Adorable little steam powered contraptions of countless shapes, sizes, and styles which he happily informed me were the product of his mechano-elf machinites at Yesteryear Toys.  He showed me a artist's sketch of his happy pack of little mechanical manservants and I marveled, "Steam powered toys building steam powered toys?  BRILLIANT, SIR!"  I'm sure you would agree, not only because you always do (which I do find quite endearing) but after seeing for yourself how could you not?  Let's start with Captain Claus's little helpers.

Aren't they splendid!  Imagine having a crew comprised of such marvelous little mechanics, dutifully obeying orders without complaint, no need for food and no more having to hide the brandy.  What?  No, no my dear little crew I would never replace you!  No need to get defensive, I was merely daydreaming and muttering aloud.  Truly, I'd never entertain such a notion!

Now for some of the beautiful toys they can produce.  A wonderful classic Puffin design, and a double piston Sterling Engine polished and oh so pretty. A most remarkable man, that Captain Claus and his mechano-elf toy builders!

Once again, from all of the cast and crew of the Anomaly Obscura Engine, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

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