Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Design to Accompany New Designs

What? Who's there? Oh my, you are still here? Didn't you hear the announcements over a year ago? The Anomaly Obscura Engine was shut down, disassembled even, and transported far away to a new land. How did you manage to stay with it? Oh, you were packaged with the gold temporal transductors. Interesting.

Well dear coghead, today the engine runs again! The Captain is settled in this brave new world, with a roof over my head but still lacking a suitable patron, I have begun my own tinkering and tittering about and some early prototypes are in the works as we speak! Soon, I believe will come an appropriate time to unveil the marvelous machinations of the mad Captain Renquist von Reik! As a teaser however, I will indicate the directions of my schemes. Following a similar vein as a close friend, Dr. V. Frankenstein (who is doing groundbreaking work with biological elecrorevivication) I have spent nearly a year gaining a deep scientific understanding of anatomy and skeletal structures in order to developed enhanced ways to utilize such effects for the betterment of one dashing Captain's life. It is truly inspiring how useful one's skull can be after the rest has shuffled off this mortal coil, eh? Why no, I generally do not find such uplifting notions morbid.

Well, time is short and there is much to do my little gearweevil. I have much to take care of myself, and seeing as you've been boxed and stored with the Anomaly Obscura Engine for nearly a year it would seem you have quite a bit of work to catch up on as well. Back to the cogs with you!