Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Greetings again friend and loyal crew! It has been a while since we've spoken, I know. Yes, yes, I've missed you all a great deal too. Alas, times have been a bit rough in the workshop this year. No no, the Anomaly Obscura Engine is still running fine unlike last time you were all forced to go on without me. This time it is a little different...

Regrettably, and through no fault or actions of my own, the funding for my wonderful adventures has been withdrawn! In other words, the recession hit the good captain right in the wallet. Now, you might think to yourself, "Self, how would not having a job effect someone whose job it was to be a man of leisure, adventuring as he wills." Well, one has to work hard at not working and when things go awry it forces one to work for real. In this case, looking for a wealthy benefactor has thus far been unsuccessful so I am in the midst of a new adventure...moving to a new state of the union! Once settled there, I shall set out on a new adventure called self employment.

That's right! Having put aside the search for a new benefactor I shall become my own. I am currently planning, once settled in said new state, to begin sculpting again and then resin casting a great many of them and attempting to sell them in order to get back to adventuring proper! So my little cog-goblins, hold fast for a few more months and I shall return. Until then, keep the good captain in your prayers as I need all the help I can get. I shall truly endeavor to keep you all abreast of the situation as it develops at least in a weekly manner(provided it develops in an adventurous and steamy way) and with god's grace next year I shall have wonderful trinkets and treasures from my adventures to offer up as well!

Till next time, chin up and keep your spanner handy!


Peter said...


(Sorry to leave this as a comment -- I couldn't find any email address for you on your blog. Anyway...)

I run a site/blog that publishes lists of books -- 309 lists of books so far.

I'm trying to get a few more people to the site so I thought I'd track down people -- like you -- who might be interested in one list or another.

Take a look at 12 Classics Books of Steampunk. Any chance this is something you might want to mention/link to from your blog? If so, drop me a line at peter@flashlightworthy.com

It can't hurt to ask, right? ;-)


David said...

Oh, and what a pleasure it is to see your return to the steampunkery that is the intertubes! I had all but given up on your glorious return so imagine my pure delight when I saw this message to me...well, us.

I too was forced to find other methods than a customary benefactor in the fourth month of this year and therefore understand your dilemma firsthand. I pray your move goes well and look forward to regular updates (even if weekly)!


Danielle said...

Good luck, Captain! May the next few months be fruitful, happy, and with little amount of suck (except the good kind).

Doctor Grymm said...

Greetings Sir, glad to see you back. However might I point out that you missed blogging about the Steampunk Exhibit at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science, Whi I and several other artists are a part of. It is running through February so do check it out! I also have some other things brewing which you may find interesting.

~Doctor Grymm

Hypatia Q. Squidbottom said...

Good captain,

I was exploring the labyrinthine library of the aethers in search of the word "Fusticate" and happened upon the laboratory of Messr. Able.

I do hope that your current enterprises will someday restore your good fortunes so that you may resume living in the manner to which you were accustomed. It seems a great pity for such a lively mind to be occupied in the menial tasks of subsistence.

Yours in cordial admiration,

Miss Hypatia Q. Squidbottom
Curator of the Squidoo Museum