Thursday, June 25, 2009

World of Steampunk? Steampunk of Warcraft?

The other day the good captain paid an unannounced visit to a dear friend and caught them in the middle of a most time consuming pursuit. Said friend was elbows deep in a video game. Perhaps you might have even heard of it, it's called World of Warcraft. Now I was aware of this game seeing as how as captain and gentleman I must be up to date on all scientific, avionic, social and cultural trends lest I fall into the most horrible of categories...the uninteresting! Back to the tale however, as I understood it the game was set in a fantasy world with orcs and elves and other mystical creatures fighting each other for glory and profit. Imagine my shock when I discovered steampunk wonders in this world flying high in the skies and even tooling along down streets in fantasy cities!

So shocked was I that I demanded to know names, places, times and other pertinent facts so that I might share them with my crew. Inspiration for new designs perhaps, or forewarning of what lurks in the æthyr that we must be prepared for! Choose any of the bountiful reasons, but most importantly, they are stunning! And they're from a video game! I did mention that yes? A video game that ostensibly has no steampunk influences, I mean elves riding motorcycles? Who ever imagined such a thing!

I declared my profound admiration for such wonderful pixelated steampunk in the game and humbly requested images of my friend. What? No, not literally images of my friend but I requested of my friend images...have you been drinking yet today? Anyway, he enthusiastically complied with the condition that I get the names right, and so now for your appreciate, World of Warcraft Steampunk!

First, the mighty airship of the Alliance - The Skybreaker!

The fearsome airship of the Horde - Ogrim's Hammer!

A Mechano-Hog, steampunk motorcycle from World of Warcraft!

A Mechano-hog with sidecar!

Again, simply stunning! I am still shocked that a game set in a fantasy world would include such indelible steampunk icons as airships and even have motorcycles with such obvious steampunk influence. I do believe I would actually be quite fond of owning one of the Mechano-hogs myself, though the good captain is not much for sidecars...they slow me down around corners too much and I do so love fast cornering!

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Solabusca said...

The Warcraft games have had steampunk elements since Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness - gnomish flying machines and submarines, Goblin zeppelins, oil-fuelled destroyers and juggernauts on BOTH sides and the like (early dieselpunk?)

The steampunk elements became more ingrained as the game series developed.