Friday, June 19, 2009

Vampire Hunting and Steampunk Cthulhu

The good captain is most fortunate to have been invited to a live action Call of Cthulhu game taking place this weekend in the "Greater New York Area." I've had more than my fair share of encounters with Lovecraftian terrors in the æthyr to know one must always be prepared for such things, and so as I assembled my various kits for detecting and fighting such horrors I decided to fire up the Anomaly Obscura Engine and see what additional instrument and tools were out there to aid me.

Now I've shared a great deal of steampunk wonders designed for dealing with various supernatural entities before, in fact the good captain holds a special place in his heart for such alternate scientific devices, but a recent article I just saw caught my eye featuring an actual vampire hunting kit from the early 1800s. Truly, some forward thinking scientist thought best to be prepared for the inevitable encounter with the nosferatu and his carefully collected tools were recently sold at auction for an unbelievable $15,000! It warms the captain's heart knowing such value is still placed on personal security against the night terrors.


The kit comes complete with stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets (because as we all know, where there's vampires there is undoubtedly werewolves as well!), crosses, a bible, holy water, candles, and even garlic - though I doubt the garlic is truly original to the set - and it is all contained neatly in an American walnut case with a cross carved on top. Surely at only $15,000 this was a true value! If nothing else the sheer beauty of this collection of vampire thwarting conveniences should have some value as a conversation starter if left conspicuously left lying around one's workshop.

"Why yes Virginia, that is a vampire hunting kit, how kind of you to notice. Just a little something I brought back with me after my fateful expedition to an ancient and forgotten Peruvian temple we thought had long been abandoned..."

For those who believe $15,000 for a little peace of mind might be steep, here is another lovely vampire hunting kit also from the 19th century, though a bit later than the first.

This one is was a veritable steal at auction, going for a paltry $12,000. And if a gentleman isn't willing to spend $12,000 to ensure the safety of his family's eternal souls, then how could he dare be considered a gentleman!

Needless to say, the good captain will show up to face all manner of monsters, but vampires in particular should beware. In addition to a fearsome collection of tools designed for their destruction, his goggles have a built in spectroccilascope to facilitate their identification and classification prior to their dispatching!

Surely friends and family will have nothing to fear from such creatures of the night. The good captain is, after all, a gentleman!

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