Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Steampunk Transformers and Pac-"not-so-gentle"Man

Well it's been a most adventurous few days I must say. A quick jaunt through the æthyr with some good friends resulting in hours of dodging large steam powered machine/men, avoiding the ghosts lured hither by a not so gentlemanly gentleman, and helping thwart conspiratorial plots against with crown with one Detective Holmes and his man, Watson.

Our first escapade involved the previously mentioned machine/men. Not exactly men made of machines, but rather men made of machines that could turn into machines and then back into men...made of machines. I bit confusing I daresay, but watching them stretched the limits of what is possible despite it being there, clearly possible. Perhaps an image or two would be easier to comprehend. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, and I have four pictures at the ready so that is a good four thousand words, which I rarely have time to put together at one time anyway, so here they are. Feel free to leave a thousand words but please no more than four thousand in the comments should you feel so obliged.

Steampunk Transformers!
steampunk transformers - bumblebee
steampunk transformers - shockwave
steampunk transformers - starscream 1
steampunk transformers - starscream 2
Perhaps I need to plan some major upgrades to the Anomaly Obscura Engine, but the last thing I need is my machine standing up and heading off to the theatre while I have important adventures to partake in!

Following my encounters with these remarkable transformers, as I've come to refer to them, I was quickly whisked into another adventure by one Sherklock Holmes. Evil was conspiring to plague all of England to which I could have none of, being quite a fan of fish and chips. We set off to thwart said plan with spectacular success and the tale was so full of derring do and rife with adventure I understand a talking film is being made of the tale! I was privy to a sneak peak of the film and could not help but notice the distinct lack of one good captain's role in it however. That Sherklock always was quite the glory hound but can you imagine the cheek! Leaving out the good captain! Regardless, I will still offer you all a peak at it as well but you must promise to imagine a dashing captain starring alongside Mr. Holmes and Watson, who would be more accurately described as supporting actors in the tale.

Finally, the true deeds of the Pac-GentleMan are revealed at last! I always knew him to be a true rapscallion at heart but at last the real man comes out for the world to see!

The real Pac-Man!

Well, after all this I need a stiff drink and a soft couch. While I go lie down and relive feats of glory you could be doing something productive, now off with you.

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Nattaboy said...

Is it safe to assume that the anomaly obscura engine has encountered mechanical difficulties again? hope you can get back blogging, and sharing your adventures!