Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Steampunk Medicinal Art for the Sick

I bring unfortunately news, the good captain is not feeling up to his normal self these last few days. A wicked combination of atmospheric changes coupled with what appear to be some poisoned food has left him wanting for better days. Fear not though, for the best in modern medical treatments have been proscribed and already I'm feeling the turnabout in my condition take place.Over the last couple of days a veritable parade of doctors and medical experts have passed by the good captain's bedside proposing their very own diagnosis, remedies, and homemade medicines. I have a natural distrust of someone who is more curious of getting to know me on the inside in a literal way, over the more figurative, but perhaps that is just me. Regardless, I eyed these quacks up with suspicion and at each opportunity attempted to sneak a glance at their medical journals, manuals, and textbooks for an idea of what they truly thought and how! The resulting images come from these very sneak peaks, and while terrifying in medical application, at least to a sick captain, they are oddly interesting in an artistic way.

First was a page from a manual on heart conditions. This struck me as a fearsome image and leaves me wondering exactly how such a quack could possible diagnose any symptoms aside from a scraped knee as anything other than a problem of the heart! At least it is a very interesting image to look at, perhaps in a butcher shop.

The next image was from a doctor specializing in the brain. Now it seemed unlikely to me that my sickness stemmed from a disease of the brain as I was still coherent enough to realize this doctor was crazier than a sack of weasels, however the images in his medical journal seemed to indicate that craziness was a prerequisite for this field of science.

The final picture I managed to acquire was from the personal journal of a skeletal expert. Clearly my headache must certainly be caused by a shrinking skull putting pressure on my brain, obviously! I'm starting to think all doctors are lunatics and in this skeletal expert's particular case, a bit deviant as well. After all, there seems to be a surprising amount of woman wrapped around some of those skeletons wouldn't you say.

Now while my caring crew gets back to work I think I shall burrow into my blankets and attempt the best cure I know of for an ailment such as mine, sleep! Pip pip cheerio and all that.


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