Thursday, June 11, 2009

Steampunk Action Figures! Where were these when I was young?

This morning, a cold and rainy one, I decided to brave the weather and take the Anomaly Obscura Engine on a wee test run through the æthyr just to keep on eye on various elements and ensure all the new gears get a good grind on when nothing extraordinary happened. That's right, the engine performed as well as I could hope and the æthyr was all quiet despite the weather. Something was surely amiss!

Returning to my workshop to give the old girl a once over, I discovered something most unusual! There was a distinct ticking noise coming from a part of the engine that should not normally be ticking. Bravely ordering a nameless crew member to investigate, she returned from a dark corner of the cogs with this little fellow, happily ticking away as if counting down to some terribly explosive event. It seems I had picked up a stowaway during my not as uneventful as I'd first thought trip.

steampunk toys 1
After some quick screwdriver work stopped the ever more annoying ticking, I proceeded to search around and promptly discovered several more small yet adorable automatons that had hitched a ride back with me from the æthyr. Normally the good captain does not abide stowaways, but their steampunk cuteness was too much to bear and now they adorn my favorite work table, happily helping me visualize various situations with a bit more clarity (read - the good captain still enjoys some quality time with his toys!)

Here's a glimpse of the other mysterious passengers I picked up this morning. I'm sure you'll understand why I couldn't bring myself to return them to whence they came and instead adopted them as sort of workshop mascots if you will.

steampunk toys 2
steampunk toys 3
steampunk toys 4
steampunk toys 5
Adorable are they not! If you want to see these and more visit PopGive and feast your eyes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have need to tend to in the workshop.

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