Monday, June 22, 2009

Sillof's Stunning Steampunk Action Figures

It does seem that I've been posting a fair bit of toys and action figures lately, but today I show you the cream of the crop, a true king among men when it comes to sculpting action figures. The mighty Sillof has created entire lines of one of a kind steampunk action figures that are just simply stunning. I'd even dare call them works of art! Pulling from our favorite childhood inspirations he has delved into the realms of Star Wars, Justice League, Dune, and even more.

Steampunk Star Wars (Steam Wars)~

Sillof's steampunk action figures - star wars1
Sillof's steampunk action figures - star wars2
Steampunk Avengers ~

Sillof's steampunk action figures - avengers
Steampunk Justice League ~

Sillof's steampunk action figures - justice league
These truly are the most incredible action figures to come out of the steampunk genre yet, and if you haven't seen Sillof's website you truly should. This is just a small sampling of all the wonderous toys he has created there. Most endearing to the good captain's heart, he has a collection of figures from Terry Gilliam movies! If I wasn't so refined,I might actually be swooning right now.


Shane said...

Great find. I got lost exploring some of the other lines that Sillof has created. Melding Star Wars with the steampunk aesthetic is rich with possibilities. I want to see the vehicles and playsets!

Japan Australia said...

Look almost exactly like the star wars characters.