Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New Steampunk Exclamation? Damnation!

It might not be a true steampunk exclamation yet, but after what the good captain shall unveil before you today it might very well be! Behold ~ Damnation!

No no, I'm not trying to start a controversy using such colorful language in proper company. It's a new video game coming out that is styled in the ever-so-wonderful imaginary era of steampunk. In truth, the good captain does not know what the game is about but the trailer is very interesting and has a wonderfully realized airship that is most pleasing to the eyes. But please don't take my word for it, see for yourself. Afterward I have a surprise for you, but first...

Should you feel so inclined to go out and purchase this game you could easily imagine yourself as the daring and handsome captain, traipsing through one of his many adventures should the actual storyline fail to live up to your obviously sophisticated taste in quality adventures. That, or imagine the main villain is the good captain who you might actual best by the end of the tale. I know, it's nigh impossible to see our dear captain as a villain but it is a fantasy after all!

What's that? Oh, right you are old bean! The surprise I mentioned! As a promotion for the game, artist Jake Hildebrandt created a steampunk computer which is truly one of the most beautiful I've seen. I suggest you take a deep breath before proceeding and those with heart conditions should put on their goggles now.

steampunk damnation pc
Now here is where the true surprise comes in, as part of the game's promotion they are giving this computer away! That's right, this beautiful steampunk pc can be yours just by showing the fine folks at Destructoid your love of steampunk! See here for more information, and best of luck to those daring enough to enter!

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