Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Good Captain has Returned!

Greetings and welcome back on board! I know how trying the last few weeks have been without the steady hand of the good captain to guide through the chaos that is the æthyr, but after the catastrophic mishaps that had recently taken place, I had no choice but to cancel all amazing adventures in light of the depth and complexity of the necessary repairs. Fortunately, all such calamities are behind us and naught but adventure awaits those daring die-hards ready to set sail!

As you are still here reading, I find you must be a die-hard. In fact, you look familiar...didn't you serve in the engine room previously? No matter! I invite you all to come along as I attempt to find a new hat to replace the one which was so unceremoniously sucked into the grinding hat-eating gears of the engine assembly in the midst of our little disaster recently. Fear not, the torn and dirtied material formerly considered, at least in the technical sense, to be my hat was offered proper services and a formal burial so no weary spirits shall haunt us on this little outing. Naturally the good captain can guarantee this provided it doesn't happen and if it does, it was a non-binding guarantee. You might want to bring a spectro-scope to be certain.

The first hat I was considering not only covers your head but it has the added benefit of informing those you might be confabulating with of the time they were so honored as to speak with you, which I'm sure they would greatly appreciate.

steampunk clock top hat
Also note the mesh covered hole on the side. This allows the hour and half-hour chimes to be heard clearly by all and not be muffled up under your hat. Another great courtesy to your conversationalist partners. Indeed, if one word could sum up this hat it would be courtesy! And truly, have you ever seen a more courteous hat? Of course not! It's proud creator, Sassygeek, is a veritable fountain of courtesy spilling forth I dare say.

This next hat I am considering would have been wonderfully helpful during the Trials and Tribulations of May, as they've come to be known amongst the crew.

During the very heights of mayhem that ensued the good captain was running full steam ahead, and as any engineer worth his cogs knows it's best not to stand in front of anything running at full steam, sometimes not even to the side! This hat, complete with those gauges and gears would have been a convenient indicator to the crew that to good captain is about to boil over and perhaps that request for some shore leave might best wait for another day. This is truly an commendable example of form and function, for which SteamPunk Creator should be lauded.

Quite a difficult decision to make, so while I ponder this for a while why don't you get back to the gears! Lord knows there's still a lot of clean up that needs to be done before the Anomaly Obscura Engine is back to her old self again.


Chestnut said...

Good to have you back, Captain! Journeys through the aethyr certainly aren't the same without ye!

Renquist Von Reik said...

Your praise makes the journey so much more rewarding! By all means, please continue =)