Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disaster aboard the Anomaly Obscura Engine

Greetings friends, I bring somber news and a short tale today of the disaster aboard the Anomaly Obscura Engine that did occur some three weeks ago. Apparently non-Newtonian liquids should never substitute for water in a steam engine as their pressure compounds significantly faster and Anomaly Obscura Engines are quite explodable!

In layman's terms, my motherboard died thus preventing me from anything of use recently. It is safe to rejoice however, as it seems the Anomaly Obscura Engine has been patching up and pounded back into shape at least roughly enough to allow me to share wonderful news and tales of adventure with my loyal crew and adoring fans.

For now there's still work I must tend to before the Anomaly Obscura Engine is fully æthyr ready, so for a change of pace why don't you all sit back and relax while I get into the gears and try to work this out.


David said...

Yay! I was afraid you had tired of your adventures. Very happy that it was only a technological setback.

Let the steampunking continue!

Renquist Von Reik said...

Fear not, old bean, I shall never tire of this life of leisurely adventure! It fits me too well to try and replace with another.

Technological setbacks, however, seem to fit perfectly where they are least needed...

I've taken every precaution to ensure there will be no more problems. I even recited the Incantations Against Faulty Valves, the Litany of Lubricants, and had a fellow from Salisbury redraw the Wards Against Gremlins! I dare say we should have nothing but smooth sailing from here on out!