Monday, May 11, 2009

Steampunk Subway Station - How Appropriate!

The good captain decided to celebrate the most important woman in his life on her special day with a trip to France yesterday. The trip was lovely but upon arriving we were informed that there were restrictions in place on private vehicles with the intention of keeping traffic and congestion to a minimum. I tried explaining the complex nature of the Anomaly Obscura Engine to them so as to help them understand it was scientifically impossible for this to contribute to such inconveniences in any way, but chicanery does not seem overly effective when the target does not understand you.

Alas, we were forced to take the subway but in hindsight this turned out to be quite the lucky turn of events, as had we not we'd never have discovered the Arts et Metiers station! This incredible subway station is a masterful work of steampunk architecture and engineering, complete with Nautilus inspired portholes in the walls revealing more steampunkenalia and giant gears embedded in the ceiling! I had to pull down my goggles for fear that such a wonder would surely damage my eyes as if looking directly into the sun! It was simply marvelous, and truly added that special ambiance that a special day necessitates. Feast your eyes upon these images and lament the lack of such inspired steampunkery in your area, as the good captain does his.

Much credit must be given to whatever governmental agency approved these plans, for their courageous decision to boldly state they will refuse fear of times that never were, and instead embrace them, revel in them even, in such a proud public display! May this trend continue in all countries and corners of the globe and when it does, we can look back fondly at Mother's Day in aught nine and the Arts et Metiers station as the place which took the first brave step!


Lt. Cmdr. Giant Robot said...

Really, really cool. Love the floor shot. Those crazy French!

Renquist Von Reik said...

Indeed! Despite their reputation to the contrary, in this one matter the French certainly did not surrender to modern architectural design and for that they deserve all the credit lavished upon them by such distinguished gentlemen as ourselves.

Truly, what more could they ask or hope for!

Francis said...

Greetings gentlemens,

I live in France and as matter of fact in Paris near this subway station.
I would like to inform you that it is Fran├žois Schuiten, a belgian comic book artist, who designed it.
His work is really interesting and should deserve your attention.

Au revoir !