Friday, May 8, 2009

Steampunk Light Looks Better!

The good captain ran into a small issue last night. Working late in the workshop I was greatly disparaged by the poor lighting I never realized I had, or rather didn't have. The later the clock chimed the worse and worse it became, until finally I was forced to give up as my eyes were becoming quite tired straining to interpret the Egyptian hieroglyphics spelling out the ancient mathematical equations I was hoping would allow me to further refine the æthyric converter in the Anomaly Obscura Engine.

This morning, waking up with more than enough headache for three people (or two South Pacific Islanders) I decided it was time to enhance the lighting in the workshop at long last. Firing up the Anomaly Obscura Engine sans Egyptian upgrades, I set a course for the best steampunk lighting I could find. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you view the glass, I found a great many options out there! Now the good captain has brought back quite a few lamps and lights to see which look best in the workshop and will solve the poor lighting I never knew I was plagued with.

Here's my favorites of the steampunk lamps, of which I simply cannot decide which shall occupy a new home in my home ~

steampunk lamp by Michael Pusateri
This first lamp could be a perfect fit. Made from an old cigar box by Michael Pusateri, I am quite drawn to it's simplicity while creating a lovely ambience, both from the twin 60 watt bulbs and from it's simply steampunk style. Also, that power switch looks very enticing to twist... I'm afraid I might enjoy it too much!

steampunk lamp by Professor Fzz
This pipe lamp is next on my list. Created by Professor Fzz it reminds me of a steam engine water level tube complete with appropriate power switch. Again I favor the simplicity of the design and the obvious light it will provide, but there is a nagging doubt about accidental burns or it's stability. In other words, the workshop can become quite rowdy at times and I'm not sure this is able to withstand the fantastic forces the good captain and his associates release during their experiments, especially when whiskey is involved.

steampunk lamp by Art Donovan
This lamp is truly a work of art, created by Mr. Jos De Vink of the Netherlands* and named the V4 Engine NR15 04, I understand it can generate up to 65 horsepower and reach a top speed of 70 mph. Unfortunately it's two tea light candles don't appear to give off much light, and the spinning wheel is certainly a risk to objects that might venture too close.

While I try to decide which lamp will take a spot of honor in my workshop, the spot in the center of my drafting table most in need of light of course, I think I will take my new steampunk segway for a spin. A proper gentleman's alternative to the actual Segway, this "Legway" is much more elegant and repeated use will not only find you in better health but also give you the calves and thighs proper ladies cannot admit they fancy, though the good captain knows they secretly do.

No, I'll not be providing these for all the crew. There's only so much room for perfectly sculpted masculine legs, but there is plenty of room for work so I suggest you get to it! Oh, and enjoy your week's end, would you. There's a good bean.

*(Cheers to Art Donovan for correcting a most unfortunate error in the attribution of this lovely Sterling Engine/Light! I am in your debt, kind Sir)


Art Donovan said...

Thank you so much and you have a wonderful blog. But first, an erratum, if I may:

The "V-4 Engine" was incorrectly attributed to me on your Steampunk art post. It is in reality, the magnificent Stirling Engine design of Mr. Jos De Vink of the Netherlands. Mr. De Vink was featured at our Steampunk exhibition last August in New York.

Best Regards, Art Donovan

Renquist Von Reik said...

I am honored to have you visit my humble site, Mr. Donovan, and deeply appreciate the information you have brought with you!

It is always my intention to be most forward and accurate with the information I provide my lovely crew regarding the whimsical and wonderous steampunk creations I share with them so by all means, correct me whenever you see a mistake! I must warn you however, I don't make many so enjoy the moment while you can, old bean!

And please feel free to explore and hopefully enjoy the many tales of adventure here :)

Renquist Von Reik said...

As a quick aside, the original post has been updated to give credit where credit is most certainly due!