Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proper Automobile Design

I had just finished ogling the magnificence of the most impressive Steam Runabout from the Neverwas Haul shown yesterday when I saw this steampunk contraption go racing past my window. Without delay I cranked up the Anomaly Obscura Engine and gave chase, finally catching up with the most stunning steampunk automobile I have ever laid my eyes upon!

Named the Cummins Steampunk RatRod and created by Swanee3, a Deviant Artist is ever there was one, this is the new bar to which all other autos will be measured, and once you see the image of it I'm sure you'll not only be jealous of the lucky owner, but also agree that the bar has been raised quite high. So high in fact, I'm not sure anything but a airship will be able to pass over it!

Please, follow the below æthyric link and prepare your eyes for what awaits! Warning - you might want to put your goggles on first!

Cummins Steampunk RatRod

As a note, I generally prefer to show the images to my lovely crew directly, but in this instance the artist requested that no one do so without express written permission and despite the decidedly piratical streak the good captain harbors, the incredible beauty of this simply forces me to abide by their wishes. In all honesty, it is worth the time to investigate. In fact, I so believe this to be true I will even give you the rest of the day off so you cannot use work as your excuse for having no time to do so! I know, I know, record this day in your calendars as it does not happen often!

Are you still here? Go already, for steam's sake!


Nattaboy said...

ok... now I want the runabout, the neverwas haul AND this new 'Ratmod' contraption. next i'll be wanting a flying pig... hey, a swine flu!

Lt. Cmdr. Giant Robot said...

Okay kind of unrelated, but I didn't know how else to send you this!

Walt Whitman's best friend, Douglas O'Connor, wrote the first ever robot revolution story, featuring an army of steam-powered robots! Oh the horror! The horror!

David said...

I'm sad. It has been a while since your last post. I look forward to your stories appearing in my RSS inbox daily. This is by far the most unique blog I read.

!Viva la Steampunk!

Renquist Von Reik said...

Fear not friends, the Anomaly Obscura Engine suffered some serious setbacks back it is back in business and the good captain's æthyr steampunk tours will begin again after the last few gremlins have been chased out.

Sincere apologies for the length of the regular service interruption, but rejoice as it's finally coming to an end!