Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lovely Ladies of Steampunk and More!

For the last month it has been overcast and rainy on a daily basis in the good captain's neck of the woods. Ok, perhaps not a month but it's true I've not seen the sun for two weeks, and the forecast does not include the sun for at least another week or thereabouts. Normally I am not dismayed by rain and clouds, in fact I very much appreciate them especially from above. Today however, I was in search of the kind of adventure that would bring a ray of light into the otherwise bleak landscape I've seen oh so much of lately.

With this goal in mind the good captain ordered all hands on deck and spun up the Anomaly Obscura Engine, setting random coordinates in the æthyr. Well, truly Fortune herself does love me for this is what she laid upon my gangplank, the incredible works of Matt Frederick.
Sky Pirate 1 - steampunk portrait by Matt FrederickCrowbar - steampunk portrait by Matt Frederick
To the right is a lovely image called Crowbar, for what should be obvious reasons to my intelligent crew. Gorgeous! I do love a girl in goggles, especially one who knows how to wield blunt objects!

To the right is Sky Pirate 1. Beautiful image and of course, the Piratess could pillage my booty for as long as she likes. However, the good captain does believe a fair amount of fantasy has been injected into this image, as every sky pirate I've encountered has not been half as attractive as this lovely lass. Not half...

The final picture I would like to share is my personal favorite. Simply titled Steampunk, it invokes images of the Nautilus and steampunk adventures under the sea with a stunning first mate. Well, I'm not sure if she's really first mate but she could be on my ship. That offer will remain open indefinitely should anyone wish to pass that on to her. I would be much obliged.

Steampunk - steampunk portrait by Matt Frederick The final steampunk sharing I have for today comes courtesy of Dr. Grymm! His wonderful blog, Behind the Steam, provides lovely insights into the goings on behind the scene (aha! I get it now!) at the Steam Gear Labs and just today he posted about a fantastic show he and his compatriots were a part of, a gallery of steampunk goods, arts, and artifacts on display for all to come see and enjoy. The gallery show was entitled "The Steampunk Bizarre" and sadly the good captain could not see it in person, as I was on a birthday pilgrimage at the time, but Dr. Grymm was so generous as to provide a movie showcasing many if not all of the stunning works shown there!

Please do enjoy

Incidentally, most of the creations seen in the video are for sale. Anyone seeking more information should inquire at

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Doctor Grymm said...

Why thank you for the mention again my friend! I have to say once again that this blog is just exquisit!

~Doctor Grymm