Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Burning Man Steampunkery

I regret to say, the good captain has not been having the best of days today. A bit under the weather to begin with, and with fortune apparently distracted by other pursuits, I realized early on that things would simply not be going my way today. Harumph, I say!

How better to bring some whimsical and creative cheer to myself than search through the æthyr for inspiring images of the steampunk kind from the wholly inspired Burning Man festival! These pictures help reignite the missing spark and put a little fire back in my boiler.

This is the Kinetic Steam Works Case Traction Engine Hortense, not only a beautiful machine but also a beautiful image of it running full steam!
Case Traction Engine
Next we have a most unusual contraption from the Department of Spontaneous Combustion, where incidentally the good captain interned shortly after his apprenticeship to Prof. Cogsburn back in the good old days of his youth.
Department of Spontaneous Combustion - strange contraption
Here is a picture of the legendary Neverwas Haul, perhaps the most beautiful picture I've seen of this incredible one of kind never to be repeated wonder!
Neverwas Haul
And last but not least, the Steam Runabout of the Neverwas Haul, for when you just need to make a quick trip into town and don't want to bring the entire crew with you. Ah, how I can relate to the need for one of these, let me tell you!
steam runabout
(all images by Tristan Savatier of, in case you can't read watermarks without your goggles!)


Nattaboy said...

The neverhaul was would make the most epic rv/ mobile holiday house/ campervan ever.

Renquist Von Reik said...

The runabout is an absolutely gorgeous vehicle, is it not! I would so happily runabout town in that, goggles down and driving gloves on, smiling wildly and laughing like a madman!

Renquist Von Reik said...

With apologies to Tristan Savatier - the link to now works!