Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Steampunk Snipers, Spies, and Deathrays. Oh My!

What an adventure I have to share! Yesterday I was contacted by an old acquaintance who was in need of my services. It seems he was poised to make a rather significant purchase of a rather unusual, let's call it a scientific apparatus, but needed the good captain's expertise in such matters to ensure it was not just elaborate hokum.

Always happy to help, I agreed to meet with my friend at his office aboard the Nautilus:
Captain Nemo's Office - steampunk art by Alex Bloeckel
We sat, drinking tea and reminiscing about the old days while his henchmen stood guard. Apparently my old reputation was not forgotten here, but I digress. It seems the seller was a mysterious engineer who once assisted Tesla himself with various experiments regarding the quaking of the earth caused by mechanically induced resonance of the ground, and later served as the Kaiser's head scientific adviser. Intriguing no? The good captain certainly thought so!

After several hours sailing under the sea we arrived at the private island of this mysterious gentleman:
Strange Island - steampunk art by Alex Broeckel
It was here we were greeted by an associate of the the man in question:
Spy - steampunk character concept by JPowersDesign
I felt there was something a little off-putting about this Pedro character, but I could not quite explain why. The good captain has always been good at reading people, and this man's book was written in a language I didn't understand, maybe it was French. He seemed courteous enough, though spoke very little as he showed us to the mansion where he said the "Baron" was waiting for us.

A short walk and long climb later, we had arrived and at last afforded the opportunity to meet our business partner for the evening, one Baron Karl Von Tinkenburg III.
Engineer - steampunk character concept by JPowersDesign
Some pleasantries were exchanged, yes we found the island without any trouble, lovely what you've done with the place, and so on before our host lead us, still accompanied by Pedro, to the workshop to reveal the item that had caught my friend's interest so.

"Viola!" he said as he pulled off the sheet covering the device revealing the deathray aimed right at us! "At last I have you in my trap Nemo! That you would bring the pompous von Reik here is a bonus, and neither of you will escape now!" and then he began his evil laugh which, though certainly evil sounding, just wasn't very intimidating nor menacing. More like an evil rooster stricken with tuberculosis I noted, as I cursed the man under my breath! Pompous?!? Me?!?

No sooner had I crafted a most cunning plan to wrest control of the deathray from the Baron and throw Pedro out the window thus saving my companion and I when a gunshot split the night! The Baron fell to the ground before us, a pool of deep red spreading across the floor from his body. Seizing the opportunity I dove upon the Baron's corpse and pinned it to the ground, immobilizing it! Such heroics just come naturally I suppose.

Pedro asked if we were alright, and informed us he was actually an American acting as a spy for the French who had infiltrated the Baron's confidence in an attempt to thwart his promised vengeance upon the cheese making capitol of Western Europe! "Ha!" I thought, "French! I knew it" as Pedro removed his Poncho revealing the rifle that had done in the Baron.
Sniper - steampunk character concept by JPowersDesign
I commended his aim at 5 feet and inquired as to what kind of scope he preferred at that range, but Nemo insisted we leave as soon as possible and so the good captain never got the answer the that question. I did, however, manage to pilfer the Baron's pocketwatch before we made our way back to the Nautilus, and eventual myself back to the Anomaly Obscura Engine.

Truly a adventure in steampunk it was! I wish you all could have come along and enjoyed it for yourselves but sadly old Nemo is a bit particular about who he allows on the Nautilus. Hopefully you did enjoy the images used to illustrate this tale however!

Scenes by Alex Broeckel
Characters by JPowersDesign


enıgmα said...

OMG! your blog is delighthful!

Renquist Von Reik said...

Why thank you! It's nothing more than a little glimpse into the adventurous travels of a dashing captain who is most gratified by your compliment!

I hope you keep stopping by and enjoy the many adventures yet to come.

Nattaboy said...

Are the pictures of the main players in the plot someone's idea for Steampunk-based TF2 characters?

Renquist Von Reik said...

Impressive Nattaboy, that's exactly right!

From JPowersDesign (link in original post):

Our team re-designed the entire cast of TF2 and set the world in a Steam Punk meets Wild West meets post WWI universe. The technology is a blended hodgepodge of found objects (for instance, a can of beans acts as the housing for the silencer for the Spy's pistol) with steam and gear powered machinery.