Monday, April 13, 2009

This Workshop is Quite Able! Plus Steampunk Breast Pumps?!?

What an adventure it has been today! The good captain, still recovering from the von Reik family Easter Celebrations, decided the weather was too nice to sit around nursing an aching head and a nice climb above the clouds would be most effecacious in clearing the grease as it were. Indeed it was, for a bit, before adventures' magnetic pull seized the Anomaly Obscura Engine and found this incredible workshop hidden in the æthyr!

This is the workshop of none other than one Mr. Able, the Chair of Indefinite Devices of the Academy of Illustrious Artisans! The sheer number of words in that title should give clear indication as to the importance of the position I would imagine. Just in case it is lost on you, a glimpse of what works of wonder are produced and stored in this workshop will make it all clear very soon.

Behold, The Able Workshop!

First, the Clockwork Hand and Skull of Anton Evisser
steampunk clockword hand of anton evisser

steampunk clockwork skull of anton evisser

Next, the wonders of the Infinity Circuit
steampunk infinity circuit

Finally, the man himself, Mr. Able, with the Imp Fusticator
Mr Able with the Imp Fusticator

Quite the dashing hero wouldn't you say. See all this and more at the Able Workshop but be prepared to have all you think you know challenged! There is far more to this world than you think, precious!

Now for the steampunk mothers out there, behold the Victorian Breast Pump!
steampunk victorian breast pump

Discovered and shared by Lucius Voltaic on the world famous Steampunk Forums.

The text from the picture reads:
This Pump is the first perfect instrument of its kind.
It is highly endorsed by every physician who has tested it.
It has an automatic valve, allowing the patient to produce
Any degree of tension that may be desired, thus allowing
the milk to flow freely, without any pain.
It is especially adapted to cases of inverted nipple.

May images of automatic breast pumps dance in your head while you get back to the gears, my dear deckhands!

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