Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Steampunk Theme Park of Unusual Size

Considering the rather extended and unannounced leave of absence I, the good captain, took over this past weekend I rather expect my loyal crew and infatuated fans would like an explanation. After all, it is rather ungentlemanly to miss an engagement without word. Well my friends, it all started late last week...

I had taken the Anomaly Obscura Engine for a test run to see how the new æthyric oscillator would perform when I suddenly found myself in a long queue. Ever the curious and quixotic one, the good captain could not help but wait to see what the queue was there for. After several hours, the destination came into view: Theme Planet. Some enterprising engineer had developed an entire planet into the universe's largest amusement park!

So packed with steampunk wonders was this place, I became lost in its attractions and giddily wandered around absorbing as much as I could, and for that no one should cast the first stone at our beloved captain especially upon seeing this!

The T.P. Barricuda
steampunk train T.P.Barricuda - Theme Planet
There is no doubt you would have done the same in my boots. To back up this boast, I have even brought back some moving pictures of the place for you to lose yourself in. (Regrettably I could not bring back any of the rides for you to enjoy, as they were far to big to fit in the Anomaly Obscura Engine, but certainly you would have been thrilled and excited by the global steamcoaster!)

So without further ado or gilding the gears I present now to you - Bunny Animation, set in Theme Planet:

Theme Planet is the brainchild of Michael Sormann and a great load of details can be found at his site dedicated to the project. If you enjoyed the short or are interested in its production there is a lot of interesting information there. If not, I invite you to get back to work!

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