Sunday, April 12, 2009

Steampunk on G4 TV - Happy Easter to Us!

Cheers and Happy Easter to all my lovely friends and crew! While I'd love to spend the day hunting eggs with all of you, the good captain's mother would skin his rabbit if he didn't spend a whiskey fueled day feasting with the family. In true von Reik fashion, there will also be gratuitous amounts of old world delicacies to eat to help hold down the whiskey, which is all just preparation for the time honored Easter Egg Cracking Competition!

Yes, for those who haven't left the workship in a while, an egg cracking competition requires each participant to select an Easter Egg which they feel has a good strong shell, and then turning to the person next to them you offer to hit or receive. With eggs held firmly in hand, they are cracked together and the one that remains intact moves to the next round. So it goes until only the strongest egg remains and is crowned Easter Champion! Hip hip, hurrah! Bragging rights are secured for a full year until the crown is defended or lost next Easter.

Also of interest, G4 TV has a new program called G4 Underground which, as described on their website:

From the cutting edge of the tech revolution to the lunatic fringe online, G4 takes you behind closed doors for a new series of guerilla documentaries. These are the stories other networks wouldn't dare touch.

I share this as tonight at 9pm est, they will be doing a segment on none other than Steampunk and Abney Park! The good captain is quite eager to see how they portray the scene and will surely be tuning in.

That's it for this quick Holiday update! Happy Easter to everyone!!


What the frak?! said...

Greetings captain!

I saw the G4 show yesterday and I found myself wondering -- what were your thoughts?

Were you in the show? OK, thanks!

Renquist Von Reik said...

Cheers mate, glad to have you aboard! Firstly, I regret to say I make no appearances in the segment as unfortunately I find myself on the wrong side of a very large continent from where all their reporting took place. I'm just outside the fair city of New York, very close to Thomas Edison's old stomping grounds, and their footage was all taken on the west coast (save for the interview with Jake von Slatt).

As for my thoughts, I was a bit underwhelmed overall, though for the time they allotted to the topic I thought it was fairly well done and at the very least, a serious look at the genre and sub-culture. One concern with G4 is that it would be more of a mockumentary, but they treated the subject with respect.

I thought it focused a bit too heavily on the music. Not to take anything away from the wonderful Abney Park, but I really consider "steampunk music" to be a very minor aspect of the genre as a whole. To wit, no one can even really agree what steampunk music even is!

Captain Robert was very eloquent and I agreed with him almost 100% in his descriptions of steampunk, and of course Jake von Slatt is a superb ambassador of steampunk as well. Considering both men agreed that the "modding" or DIY aspect of steampunk is almost central to the whole enterprise I was surprised there was almost no focus on some of the beautiful art and artifacts that have been created. I think perhaps that was my biggest disappointment with the segment.

Again, overall I did enjoy it and was gladdened by their fair and respectful handling of the subject.

Renquist Von Reik said...

(PS - Love your name and avatar! In another incarnation I was a huge BSG fanatic!)

What the frak?! said...

Yeah, I agree with pretty much all you said.
The biggest appeal of steampunk, for me anyway, is the artwork. So I was a tad bummed they focused so much on the music.
Still, I understand they only have a few minutes for the whole segment and they can't satisfy everyone. And they did focus a bit on the craftsmenship/art, so that was nice.
I suppose too that introducing kids to the music might be the best way to get some younger folks into the sub-culture.
It was way better than the urban spelunking segment. They really over dramatized that to the point where I really couldn't take it seriously ...
Anyway, good blog, I'm enjoying it.

Renquist Von Reik said...

That is an interesting point you raise, how introducing kids to the music could be a great way to get them into the scene. I hadn't thought of that, but it's definitely a good point and you could very well be right on that. Kudos!

And I'm glad you're enjoying my whimsical musings, I'll try not to disappoint!