Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Steampunk Mechtorians Are Coming!

A peer on the Brass Goggles forums, Doctor A, has created the most marvelous little mechanicals to aid you in your daily business. These adorable contraptions, known as Mechtorians, illustrate a beautiful and whimsical steampunk world with style and a sense of humor.
steampunk mechtorians
Just imagine having a gaggle of these to assist you in the workshop or laboratory! Just the presence of their cuteness will bring a gaslight to dark days, and the mischief they cause is so far quite harmless and certainly endearing, at least to the good captain and the crew of the Anomaly Obscura Engine. It's like having a pack of kittens frolicking about, but without the biological drawbacks of said juvenile felines. All these require is a small shot of lubricants once a week and you'll be in for hours of fun and adventure!

Gaze upon the adorableness ~
steampunk mechtorians - Stephan LaPod
For more information visit the Mechtorians Homepage, complete with more images and personal histories of all the Mechtorians!

steampunk mechtorians - boxes To order your very own Mechtorian assistants visit the SpookyPop website today!


Professor Von Bradley said...

l love these so much l am going to purchase the set of them.
l love toys that are slightly eccentric l wish they had these when l was a kid well l still am in some ways!!!!

Renquist Von Reik said...

These are a perfect way to bring a little steampunk into an office, without risking the reputation of the office freak.

Although in fairness, being as the good captain is, an office freak, it is quite liberating and often much more entertaining than such a mundane routine as the rest enjoy.

Oh, the point! I agree, dear Professor! Toys should be eccentric first and foremost, who wants to play with the new "2nd Level Support Specialist Ted" action figure after all?

And at heart, we should strive to remain as children for a long as possible! The good captain can scarcely imagine giving that up, at least not without a fight!