Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Steampunk Clock Tells 10,000 Years of Time!

Today has been one of those days. All my best laid plans of adventure have been thrown off course in rather stupendous fashion, until ultimately I was forced to concede to the universe and abandon the adventures for tomorrow. I did make an interesting discovery however...

While racing through the æthyr trying to make my appointments I realized I left the workshop without a pocket watch! I was mortified and this breach in fashion, and while thoroughly chastising myself I was forced to stop and ask a fine gentlemen the time. He did not reply simply with the time as one would expect, but rather he replied "When?"

"Well, right now would be most beneficial", I smiled back thinking perhaps he was a bit daft, but then he stepped aside and revealed a most perfect timepiece. A work of art and science so beautifully melded together I literally stared for a minute in wide-eyed wonderment.

Behold, the Clock of the Long Now!

This amazing clock tells so much more than just the time! Its analog computational engine accurately tells the time of day, year to 5 digits (10,000 years worth of time), the position of the visible planets, moon phases, lunar eclipses, seasons, and the procession of the zodiac. The large round face even displays the night sky. It is indeed a mechanical work of wonder, one that will stand as a monument to clockwork genius for 10,000 years - accurately!

Some more images the Clock of the Long Now

For more information on this incredible undertaking visit the Long Now Foundation, and be sure to investigate their Orrery as well!

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Nattaboy said...

What a remarkable machine! The only flaw in its design is that it might be a tad difficult to carry it around as your personal timepiece...