Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Steampunk Miscellanea

So the weather has turned here, from idealic warmth and sunny breezes to cold with looming thunderstorms. Seemed to be a perfect time to get back to the Anomaly Obscura Engine and begin refining some recent additions made.

The first is a remarkable contraption, well contraptions really. Small autonomous mechanicals that eagerly investigate and explore every nook and cranny of machinery inspecting for damage or issues that may develop. They skitter, crawl, and climb there way through constantly gathering information with is then delivered to a central engine designed to gather and sort the data delivering a printed page with concerns to be further investigated! Truly this is not just marvelous, it's miraculous!!

Take a look at the mechanical mechanics
steampunk beetlesteampunk grasshopper

Beautiful no? Truly an example of science imitating nature - who better to explore every crack and cranny than an insect, and who better to explore every crack and cranny while gather diagnostic information and performing risk assessments on issues in the machine than mechanical insects! The genius behind these is Mike Libby, of InsectLab.

The next upgrade is a method of recharging small devices such as the Eye-Pod Victrola. This steampunk steampower generator is just what the good captain ordered! Crank up the engine and it's output is more than sufficient to breath new life into your gadgets and gizmos.

Not only functional, but sexy too! And note the miniature automaton operator, affectionately known as "Lego Man" for reasons only the inventor could explain. The mad scientist who invented this steamy wonder goes only by the name Thomas, so in lieu of a last name, here's a video of it in action ~

Finally we had a new goggle design for the intrepid tinkerer in all of us. These specs feature full frames and five, yes five, additional lenses for all of your occular enhancement needs!

Isn't that just lovely. Breathtaking almost, and the goggles look very good too! Forgive me, but the good captain is very appreciative of women in goggles. Yes he is.

While I ponder the source of this my little deckhands should be getting back to work, and watch where you step...those insects crawling about are expensive!

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