Friday, April 10, 2009

It's time for the Circus - Victorian Style!

My dear deckhands have been working so diligently lately I felt it time to reward them, and you, with a trip to the circus to blow of some steam! Prepare yourselves for a little shore leave, and I suggest you bring your goggles with the magnifying lens attachments for this is no ordinary circus my friends, it's a Flea Circus!

To whet your appetite, feast your bio-occular orbs (with recommended magnification) upon these promotional posters!

victorian flea circus1victorian flea circus2
If you're as curious as the good captain, you'll certainly enjoy reading all about the training of fleas and their amazing abilities. Fortunately for you, Dark Roasted Blend has a wonderful article fascinatingly full of flea circus trivia - did you know a flea can pull 700 times is weight on legs thinner than a human hair? Well you do now good sirs & madams!

Read all about it here!

Additionally, Andy Clark has a blog entitled Flea Circus Research Library just brimming with more information of this most Victorian form of entertainment!

No need for work today my lovelies! Enjoy the day, marvel at the miniature feats performed before your eyes, and if you feel a small sting please refrain from scratching or slapping at might be the featured performer!

(posters by David Manuel)

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