Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fantastic Steampunk Resources + Bonus!

Greetings again friends and lovers! I, the good captain, have uncovered something remarkable today that I'm sure you will all find useful. Now knowing that we are all fans of the steampunk world this is an easy claim to make, but it is of particular interest to those who are true fans of the written works and moving tales!

To begin with, we have the Steampunkopedia by Retrostacja. This translation of the largest steampunk resource site on the web from its native Polish took years and is no longer in progress but the work is already considerable and of tremendous value to lovers of steampunk fiction. As stated on their homepage:

A WARNING to those who believe that imitating 19th century upper class is rebellious or revolutionary: This website is not about so-called "Steampunk subculture". It's about a genre of speculative fiction awkwardly named Steampunk

Not to exclude other forms of steampunk art, the site includes a resource of steampunk tv and films/shorts, a chronology of steampunk works with nearly 2000 entries, and press releases of upcoming steampunk works. This site is great for anyone looking for more inspiration for their own steampunk adventures!

Next is a resource provided by the superb Aether Emporium. Their Steampunk Essentials post lists truly the most essential books, movies, TV shows, and comics. Not as complete as the Steampunkopedia but limited to the most genre defining works and inspirations.

Finally, with all of these incredible resources to pour over long into the night, you'll surely need someplace to sit and gather this information before sorting through it all and eventually, beginning the long task of reading everything that sounded interesting! Let me humbly present to you, the Steampunk Desk ~

This gearhead's dream desk is the work of Dale Mathis and it's more than just for show! The gears and cogs on display under the clear desktop actually move. This is very reminiscent of the good captain's desk in the Anomaly Obscura Engine, the main differences being that desk is actually part of the mechanism and cannot be removed, and the gears on display are not related to such things as pulling out a keyboard tray, but rather are essential to the smooth operation of the water closet. In this captain's humble opinion, not only is that where most paperwork belongs but try captaining a ship without working water closets and let me tell you, things get ugly fast! Best to keep a close eye on matters that are tied so intricately with morale... Another reason the good captain personally oversees the storage of adequate tea and rum supplies. (2.26 gallons per man per day, according to the USS Constitution)

Here's a video showing the desk in action ~
The desk machine by Dale Mathis


Scribblar said...

That steampunkopedia is fabulous - I've been waiting ages for it to translate into English; I hadn't realized it was so huge.

Renquist Von Reik said...

It is definitely quite a resource! I lost a few hours there upon discovering it, and after snapping out of it realized I simply had to share this with everyone!

I'm glad you enjoyed it as well :)