Monday, April 27, 2009

Assorted Steampunk Tidbits

Well the weather has been unbelievably perfect the last few days still. When I say unbelievably perfect I truly mean it as well. Warm, soft cool breezes, abundance of sunlight. Even the nights have been simply magnificent! Hopefully you'll see this is leading into an excuse for my sorry state of attention to recording my adventures's hard to stay inside a workshop when the great outdoors are summoning you from a wintery hibernation, my friends! The good captain just had to get out and idly enjoy the weather, some wine, and some interesting companionship. Fortunately for you devoted deckhands I have some assorted items of interest that caught my eye over the last few days.

Now as I said, the weather has been wonderfully delightful and a good number of outdoor enthusiasts took to the roads in their interesting contraptions.

steampunk 3 wheel carThis three wheeled automobile is called the Ace Cycle Car, despite the fact that there's no pedaling involved. I jest, I jest. It's called that because with three wheels it will invariably flip over around a high speed turn and you'll find yourself cycling back to town for assistance. The couple I saw driving around seemed fit and healthy as they were enjoying a drive through the country so I imagine they've had the car for a while and are very accomplished cyclists now.

The second automobile that caught my attentions was the Ariel Square 4 Powered Custom. You see I was walking down a quiet country lane when my foot shot out from under me, as if I'd stepped on a roller skate. I stumbled but recovered my balance without falling over in a most elegant way. Looking back to see what I'd tripped on I realized it was this car driving by; the driver swerved a bit to close and I'd stepped right on it!
steampunk wooden carThe driver and I shared a laugh and after some brief confabulation I learned one of the biggest advantages to this car is parking! When in a tight spot, this auto can easily be parked beneath another auto, saving time and space! Magnificent!

While picnicing in a park the other day the good captain did spy a cute young and adventurous couple driving about on some lovely steampunk motorcycles. Not to be confused with diwheels featured recently, these wheels are in a line and it's not sideways. Nor was the couple! His bike truly was steam powered and was every inch a masterpiece, he introduced it to me as the Hubbard Steamcycle.
steampunk motorcycle
Her motorcycle was the one that I found more impressive, and it even came with a drawing! Apparently she designed it herself and he had is custom made for her, to her exact specifications.
steampunk motorcycle & concept art
After speaking with her about this incredible machine I quickly learned who wields the wrench in their relationship. Her steamy knowledge was deep and vast, while his was limited to his very polite company. I dazzled her with my own knowledge and by the end our conversations I do believe the good lady fancied me a bit, of course.

Now if you fancy me too, or at least your job, you should get back to the gears and start grinding!


Graham said...

I know about this bike! It originated in Germany from the Werner comic book series. Can't remember the actual book but it did appear in the film: Volles Rooäää.

Some pics here:

Wonder how the youing lady got hold of it?

Renquist Von Reik said...

Wonderful link you provided, old bean!

As for how said lady got a hold of it, like much of the good captain's life I'm afraid that will most likely remain a mystery for now...