Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Assorted Miscellanea

So in lieu of adventuring these last few days, I've been taking advantage of the weather and simply idling about, filling my days with various research of no real value other than holding my interest and entertaining me. Perhaps some of this will eventually lead to something practical, but if not I would still be hard pressed to call the time wasted. I loved every minute of it!

Now, as I've been exceptionally lazy lately there is no grand tale of adventure to weave for you, my lovelies. I am sorry for that, but instead, I have a small collection of things that interested and entertained me over the last few days so I thought it well to share with all of you. If this is new, it could possibly be adventurous and if you've seen any of these before...pretend it's new and adventurous, will you. There's a good bean.

To begin with I found a lovely picture of goggles, monocles, and a ritual skull formed into a bowl (with skullcap lid, indicating a very high caliber of cultist, not your standard rat sacrificing cemetery urchins). In addition to finding the goggles and monocles quite agreeable, I find this to be a very artistic collage - quite pleasing and hopefully you'd agree.

steampunk goggles & monoclesGoggles designed by Joffum. (more to see at his Deviant Art page, including sales information)

Next up is a whimsical top hat that brought forth an admiring laugh from the good captain's lips. Kudos to the creator of this, as it truly brings us to the lighter side of steampunk...clear room on your hat rack for The Ludiculous Skytop Zeppelin Hat!

steampunk zeppelin top hatIs that not just marvelous! Designed and made by Porkshanks.

I found a remarkable steampunk site in æthyrnet that I found quite fascinating for a while. Eventually my inability to read Russian spelled the demise of interest, but there was a lovely collection of art there I enjoyed looking at. A fair bit of character designs and a few mechanical contraptions are waiting at... whatever that name says in Russian...
(As a side note, I'm hiring a Russian translator for the crew if anyone is interested)

I only hope these are ideas for a game, and not plans for a unstoppable tank armed with Unicorn technology from which the only escape may be a nihilistic aversion to rainbows. If only someone could translate these plans we might be able to find out before it's too late!

The last item of interest for today is the Steampunk Fashion group pool on Flickr. Just a lovely and long slideshow of beautiful people wearing beautiful fashions. I spent quite some time watching and ended up with a large number of ideas and sketches which I shall have to bring to my tailor. Spring time is a good time for updating one's wardrobe after all.

That's it for the good captain's not-quite-steampunk adventures today. Perhaps tomorrow will bring more sky pirates and oscillating obscura generators, I do sense a change coming in the weather...

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Anonymous said...

FYI, Yahoo! bought Alta Vista's old translation site. I still use the old URL,, (you were shocked I hate change?!?), which will do admittedly poor non-idiomatic translations of words or whole pages. Remember, Russian uses a different alphabet, so always try to cut-and-paste rather than simple typing.