Friday, March 13, 2009

A Wonderfully Adventurous Friday!

What a day, dear friends! In my adventures throughout the æthyr I have crossed the paths of more than one airship pirate, but today it seems I sailed right into the middle of an armada! Pushing the Anomaly Obscura Engine to it's maximum, I did manage to avoid helpless cog-pushers trying to shift the burden of their workloads onto the good captain, layabout managers trying to oversee the brave captain's every move, and even a bevy of pirates trying to abduct our swashbuckling hero for some devious "meeting" regarding which processes could be considered best-practices! The good captain will tell you...the best practice is the one that works!

But enough about the trials and travails I've overcome today in seeking my bold new adventures and onto the sparkling brass treasures which I have discovered and now am prepared to share with you, my lovely crew, and what reasures they are! A veritable wealth of steampunk artifacts and events for my pretties to ponder over during the weekend. I know you wait with baited breath, so I will tease you no more!

First for our crew hailing from the Old World, the very first Maker's Faire to be held on your soil is set to run this weekend, March 14-15, in Newcastle, UK. Certain to bring together some of the Old World's best and brightest engineers, inventors, enthusiasts and tinkerers this event is a must-attend for any steampunk fan, both of makers and the admirers. Go and show support for those who create the things we love so much, and maybe even become inspired to throw your own hat into the ring and start making your own priceless artifacts!

My next chrono-æthyric treasure is direct from Roger Wood and his wonderous Klockwerks! These victorian and steampunk inspired clocks are a fitting addition to any workshop or mantlepiece as I'm sure you'd all agree. That was, once again, rhetorical dear friends although I am moved by your enthusiasm. Really.

Take a look at some of these magnificent clockwork masterpieces for yourself
Steampunk Jules Verne Type 275 clock by Roger Wood Steampunk Buck Rogers Clock by Roger Wood Steampunk Electro Table Clock by Roger Wood

Finally, as a continuation of the earlier ideas about steampunk taxidermy, we have the works of artist Jessica Joslin. In a step short of taxidermy dear Jessica incorporates the bones of what I can only presume was dinner at some point into her magnificent and morbid steampunk circus show theme.

Feast your eyes upon these inspired acts

Neville, steampunk art by Jessica Joslin

Gustav, steampunk art by Jessica Joslin

Virgil and Ace
Virgil and Ace, steampunk art by Jessica Joslin

Until tomorrow's adventures reveal new treasure...back to work!

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