Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steampunk Taxidermy is Morbidly Fascinating

Traveling through the æthyr today looking for some way to properly prepare a few of my most remarkable trophies I fell upon this artist and her most morbidly marvelous steampunk art.

Unlike other artists and their visions of a steampunk world, New Zealand's Lisa Black has taken her work to a whole new level. Combining steampunk sculpture and ye olde art of taxidermy, she has created a monster! Literally! Oh, and really it's monsters, in the plural, as she has created more than a few of these bizarre wonders.

steampunk taxidermy, fixed - turtleNever one to stifle an artists creativity, I think this is a very interesting way to express and explore the ideas of steampunk however there is something I find a bit off-putting about this. As much as love the image of a turtle with clockwork gears powering it, titled "Fixed - Turtle," to see an actual taxidermied turtle with it's shell split open revealing said clockworks is perhaps just a bit too much for me to want to put on display in my home. Not that it wouldn't look marvelous on my workbench or upon the mantle in the state room of thee Anomaly Obscura Engine (and be most impressive to visiting people of noteworthy pedigree, of which the good captain does entertain many), but perhaps a nice picture of said shelled amphibian would be sufficient.

steampunk taxidermy, fixed - baby crocodile Likewise with the steampunk crocodile. Although, perhaps due to some subconscious bioæthyric link shared by mammals, I have no real emotional reaction to the amphibians or reptiles, such as "Fixed - baby Crocodile". The reaction is more of a simple question of personal taste - where would I put that in my house and why would I do so, seeing as shocking my friends and personal acquaintances is not high on my personal objectives.

steampunk taxidermy, fixed - ducklingThe adorable duckling, perhaps, is taxidermied too well. It is too cute and to see it opened up with its clockwork mechanisms showing is somehow obscene. Now obscene is a very strong word, but it's akin to watching duckling porn! I'm seeing part of this adorable watery fowl that should be kept under feathers. Why, it's like peering upon the ankles of a beautiful lady in public, I say. Still odd how there's no such feelings elicited from the amphibians or reptiles...

steampunk taxidermy, fixed - fawnFinally, "Fixed - Fawn" is somehow a little frightening to me. It's as if these calm creatures have finally decided the time has come to don weapons and rise up against those who have hunted them for so long. As if this is the beginning of a new age, the Age of Deer! With an iron hoof they will roll across the world subduing country and empires and bending them to their quadrepedal will! At least they haven't discovered airship technology yet so there is still hope for mankind, but can you not just see the death-ray beams shooting out of this once peaceful and innocent fawn's eye as it runs through Trafalgar Square spreading havoc and chaos while it searches for the residence and head of *shudder* the beloved Queen!

Long live the Queen!

See more of Lisa Black's Steampunk Taxidermy and other art here!

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