Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Steampunk Spiders Have Invaded!

While out and about on one of my merry adventures today I noticed a strange sound, like a clockwork mechanism ticking erratically. Of course I naturally assumed it was a very sophicated bomb using the Mayan Calendar for its timings, which would explain the strange tick cadence, but searching about I found a beautiful clockwork spider snooping around the good captain's quarters which I promptly caught inside a glass bulb.

The trapped mechanical ~
Christopher Conte steampunk spider in glass

Without haste I set out searching the whole of the Anomaly Obscura Engine for more, and eventually uncovered an entire army!

Christopher Conte steampunk spider 1

Christopher Conte steampunk spider 2

Who would set such insidious little marvels upon the beloved captain, I wondered. So, with a little creative reverse-engineering, a soldering iron and a little touch of elbow grease I managed to discover the source of these incredible steampunk insects that were beset upon me!

Behold their creator - Christopher Conte

It looks like the intrepid Mr. Conte has been hard at work creating a steamy armor of mechanical masterpieces...but for what purpose? We might have to wait for his undoubtedly evil master plan to come to fruition, but I would like to be the first to welcome our new steampunk overlord and his mechanical spiders to earth.

Take a look at his general! The end is surely nigh
Christopher Conte steampunk spider 3

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