Monday, March 16, 2009

Steampunk Research Kits

Most find this quite surprising, but the good captain is keenly interesting in fields of science a bit outside the normally accepted disciplines. I do honestly believe that most of the true steampunk pirates, captains, engineers, inventors and others share this trait, as it's our ability to look beyond what is accepted to see what is possible that sets most of us on this path. The better among us have the skills to turn possibility into reality, as you will soon see.

Here are the new scientific research kits for several emerging fields of bio-æthyric research, crypto-biological studies, and even necro-æthyric investigation. With such state-of-the-art research tools now available it's surely just a matter of time before ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and the like are scientifically proven, researched, and documented as indisputable fact.

The Necropathic Spectregraph

The Vampyric Anatomical and Biological Research Case

The Lycanthropic Anatomical and Biological Research Case

Lovecraftian Research Kit

The Bio-Æthyric Laboratory

The Bio-Æthyric Correction Device

(All kits created by Alex CF at some lost point in time, probably 2-3 years ago, I think...)

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