Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steampunk Office Blurs Fantasy and Reality

The good captain is not the jealous sort, however seeing this has left me with no choice but to put on my crocodile goggles! I present to you now, the home of Three Rings Design, a video game developer based in San Francisco, CA.

steampunk office 1Inspired by the Jules Verne steampunk classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, they've designed their office to look like the Nautilus! Full of inspiration from the book as well as Victorian designs and elements, this is a place where I would feel capable of setting down my hat and getting to work!

It took the husband and wife team behind Because We Can, Jeffrey McGrew & Jillian Northrop, four months to build the office, but to work in something other than a sterile corporate cubicle most people would gladly wait four years!

steampunk office 2Each area of the office is aimed at capturing a different area of the ship and boasts an engine room, captain's quarters, and even a secret meeting room hidden behind a bookcase. And speaking of escaping the cubicle, they not only were liberated from that corporate cage but even got to personalize their new desks (so long as it followed the template!). I say, talk about some extremely lucky ladies and gentlemen!

Here's a look at the customized desks...Oh how they torment all corporate cube drones!

steampunk office 3

And finally, a sneak peak into the secret meeting room, cleverly hidden behind a bookcase in the office (the inside back of the bookcase is visible in the right foreground)

steampunk office 4

Now that we've all been seduced by the possibilities of a steampunk office, get back to your cubicles and get to work!

Pictures courtesy of Because We Can.