Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steampunk? Of course, you timorous little coggie!

Just this morning I was involved in an interesting discussion on the Steampunk Forums over the term "steampunk". Unbeknown to me there are people who are into the genre but don't like to be called steampunk.

I've never had issues with the term "steampunk" and rather enjoy the sound of it. I am a punk, just from another time and place of questionable historical authenticity.

steampunk labratory
This is how I've always seen being "steampunk" personally -- we've transported ourselves back to the historical past and rebelled against their acceptable sciences and paradigms, interjecting our own from our own time (and enhanced with an extra bit of fantasy). This anachronism is our playground and the source of our punk'ness especially from the point of view of those in the historical past.

To those fantasy inhabitants of our historical past, we've come in and tossed aside everything they "know" about science and technology and in using our own paradigms have enjoyed tremendous success overshadowing their own! It's like declaring war on what they consider "knowledge" insisting our own is much better with proof to justify the claim. Could you imagine the audacity!

That is where we are truly the punks, not in reality but in our own fantasy and I for one revel in it!

That conflict is also a great background for a tale of adventure!

steampunk aircorp recruit posterPicture courtesy of Steampunk Wallpapers

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Anonymous said...

Interesting take on it. Not sure I agree but I like that you've put some thought into it.

Winston, from How To Win The Lotto blog