Monday, March 2, 2009

Steampunk is Bizarre? Maybe in Germany...

The famous Bizarre magazine apparently did a steampunk shoot earlier this year and I, the good Captain, was not invited! For shame, Bizarre! For shame.

Furthermore...Steampunk = bizarre?!? How dare you, sir! That's two strikes, one more and I shall be forced to throttle you about the head and neck region.

Fortunately for you, after seeing the images I've decided all is forgiven. Let's just try to avoid such mistakes in the future, shall we.

Steampunk Pinup Umbrella

Steampunk Pinup Goggles

View the full shoot
While SFW, it is of morally questionable origin so please do take proper precaution to ensure the virtue of those who might look upon such images is well guarded. Perhaps some goggles would help.

Additionally, they have a small Steampunk gallery of sorts which might be worth your perusal as well.

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