Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Steampunk Defense

As we all know, the æthyr can be a dangerous place and a captain must be concerned with the defense of their crew, their ship, and themselves. While the elegance of a crossbow is undeniable, sometimes we need things a bit more modern to compete with rampaging mechanical monsters, mad scientists, and the occasional alien invasion. Well today I bring you some of the latest inventions to help with your defense!

First we have this lovely little sonic weapon. It fires in a frontal cone up to 65 feet away, but sadly it does not work on the heard of hearing.
steampunk gun

Sometimes you need to use distance as a strategic advantage, and when that day comes you'll be glad you have this little number. Not only is it effective at 500', but the scope is removable for when you just have to catch a glimpse of the neighbor's daughter's ankle in the backyard.
steampunk gun

Here is a lovely combination, the pump action bio-æthyric disruptor + bio-resonance feedback pistol. Guaranteed to ruin the day of anyway standing in front of it, these have become favorites with police and government agents in recent years.
steampunk gun

Taking a look in the personal armor field, we have the latest development from Prof. Welington! The nearly articulated Mechanical Sunday Suit is guaranteed to protect you from everything but drowning, and weights in at a feather-light 1.3 tons!
steampunk armor

Last but certainly not least, some heavy artillery for defending your laboratory or airship from auditors/pirates (is there a difference). The Thud Gun! This 8 barrel blaster barely needs to warm up before unleashing a devastating salvo and anything shoved into the barrel...forks, stones, inept crewmen...if you can fit it in the barrel this beauty can fire it nearly a mile!
steampunk cannons
(It supposedly can detect aircraft too, like some kind of listening device...pfft)

For those who are still unaware, the most technologically modern and most impressive weapons are all available at Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators

Normally here I would gleefully tell all of you, my little crew members, to get back to work but I don't like that look in your eye staring at these weapons....makes me wonder what you're thinking of...

You know what, the good captain is feeling generous, why don't you take the rest of the day off!

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