Monday, March 30, 2009

Steampunk Creations for Computational Purposes

So the good captain tries to stay up to breast with current computational devices and trends in the æthyr not just for curiosity's sake, but with an eye for ever improving the Anomaly Obscura Engine. You never know what "mad engineer" will break with traditional scientific norms (those crutches of the small minded) and see something bigger and better outside of the conventionally acceptable schools of thought.

Today I have brought with me a small collection of intriguing steampunk devices used for various computational purposes, from accounting for your steel cog business to determining the correct pressure needed for your steam powered cow tipper to successfully tip a cow...or to just listen to some music!

First, we have the ElectriClerk.

The ElectriClerk was created by Andrew H. Leman from a 1988 Macintosh SE computer, a 1923 Underwood typewriter, and a fresnel lens just in case any ships at sea need to see the contents of your inbox I reckon. Regardless, it is a beautiful and inspiring machine that can easily replace that lazy old clerk who came with your shop when you purchased it.

Next up for your occular enjoyment, an updated morse code transmitter with additional functionality!

As you can see on the right side, the morse code transmitter is fully functioning along with the keyboard and monitor, although the good captain does recommend a tetanus shot before operations accounting for the apparent knives edges strategically placed around the keys.

Perhaps now is a good time to interject with a little accessory for some of the fine machines we've seen here and elsewhere. Here we have a gorgeous stand created to hold the monitor for your own computational device.

This front and back view shows the wonderful attention to detail displayed in this piece, made by a loving and skillful wife for her surely undeserving husband! Ok, perhaps he was deserving but it helps ease the sting of jealous to think otherwise so let's leave the good captain to his pettiness for a bit shall we.

Ok, finally we have a deliciously morbid and fully functional Eye-Pod Victrola, created by none other than Doctor Grymm himself

While obstensibly a music maker, it appears to also watch the listener's reaction and can adjust and adapt it's musical play list based on the optical feedback it receives. It is well versed in most non-verbal forms of communication having received a degree in the field at Oxford University, and inbetween musical performances it hopes to return to school to earn a doctorate in psychology this fall.


Doctor Grymm said...

Why thank you for posting this here! It's funny that you mentioned Oxford Univiersity in your post, as The "Eye-Pod", after it finishes being on Display at the Steampunk Bizarre in CT, will be traveling across seas to be in a Steampunk Exhibit at Oxford University Museum of the History of Science.

Love your Blog by the way... Be sure to stop by mine if you like at Behind the Steam.

~Doctor Grymm

Renquist Von Reik said...

Why Doctor, I am greatly humbled and overjoyed to have you visit the Anomaly Obscura Engine! Truly this is a great honor.

It was my pleasure to feature your beautiful creation here (did it just wink at me?) and your praise carries a lot of steam. How now could I pass up your invitation to visit your blog as well.

As for the seemingly coincidental mention of Oxford University, I believe in no such thing! Surely the bio-æthyric feedback resonator cast a glimpse into the unseemly chaos of the æthyr and delivered such information through as yet unexplained ways, no?

Interesting nonetheless, and perhaps worthy of an adventure to Oxford soon!

Many thanks for stopping by, and please do feel free to come again!

Renquist Von Reik said...

PS-I really do love the "Eye-Pod Victrola" and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Outstanding work my good man!

Doctor Grymm said...

Really, you humble me. This is such an impressive website. I wish I had the time to put such creativity and enerygy onto our own. Your exquisite use of wording, really puts this blog apart from others.

I myself have been concentrating on the props for our show.. in just 3 weeks! There will be several posts and pics of the new gadgets at that time, but I am keeping them hush hush for now.

Thanks again for the kudos, Sir!

~Doctor Grymm

Renquist Von Reik said...

Why good Doctor, if everything you said weren't true I'd think you were having fun with me, and how you tease with such tantalizing tidbits of upcoming technological tomfoolery the likes of which you do excel at so marvelously.

I wait with baited breath, sir!

PS - Your website it truly wonderous, I've lost many a hour recently traveling through it's many twists and turns!