Monday, March 9, 2009

Some Steampunk Shorts

So I found myself lost in the æthyric goodness that is You(vacuum?)Tube this morning and happened upon two nicely done moving pictures that I would like to share with my little lovelies today. You do deserve some entertainment don't you, after all?

...Ahem, that was rhetorical. I was going to share them regardless!

The first is a short film entitled, A Gentlemen's Duel, and it features...Gentlemen! Dueling! The hell you may ask. It is, in point of fact, a short video about two gentlemen dueling but what you should be asking is...dueling with what?

...Ahem, that was not rhetorical. You should ask now. Good.

They are dueling with giant steampunk mechs! Add in a beautiful woman whose affections are the point of the duel, a snappy poodle, and proper sensibilities (it is a gentlemen's duel after all) and you have a wonderful witty film worth a few minutes to watch.

Brought to you by Blur Studios, A Gentlemen's Duel

Next up for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of steampunky scenes from the fantastic gaming franchise - Final Fantasy. These scenes are from FF9, and are beautifully edited to form a music video for the one and only, Abney Park's Airship Pirates.

(Isn't it better when I exclude the questions, both rhetorical and otherwise, completely?)

Without further ado or gilding the lily, Airship Pirates by Abney Park Final Fantasy music video

Splendid, now get back to work!

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