Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Adventures await in the lands of Gatheryn

The good captain has just caught wind of a new world to explore in the æthyr, which should be open to all sometime in this, the year of our lord 20 aught 9. It is a land known as Gatheryn, and it sounds simply marvelous!

Styled as a casual MMORPG, it appears to be a mix of that genre and Myst, where questing involves solving puzzles and completing mini-games, not actual questing ala World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online. The vision of the world is purely steampunk without them ever actually saying so, and the images and visions contain the obligatory airships and Victorian era character designs. Certainly something to keep a monocled eye open for, especially those chaps who enjoy online games but and social interaction but are not into the standard dungeon crawling adventures. Understandable, what proper lady or gentlemen wants to spend an afternoon crawling through a dirty cave at risk to their fineries when they could be exercising their gray muscle on problems more befitting those of their stature!

From their site:

Step back in time to a place and era that never quite existed. Where steam engines trundle down the avenues and vendors hawk their wares! The sounds, the sights, the mysteries - all await you and your friends.

Come, journey to Gatheryn, a massive multi-player world of adventure, mystery and romance. Make your way through an ever expanding world, making new friends and enemies as you work through interactive games and puzzles, new adventures appearing with each successful solution. You can hop aboard the nearest air ship to reach a myriad of destinations or just to satisfy the explorer inside you.

Assume any of various roles of Victorian themed characters as you explore, socialize and quest your way through this amazing world. Scurry along the wharves and climb the riggings on wooden tall ships the likes of which you have never experienced before. Traipse along the avenues or skulk through the cemetery as the full moon lights your way. This is a time and place of mysteries to be unraveled and puzzles to be conquered, of land to explore and life to be LIVED!!

Here are some images from this new world

Gatheryn - steampunk mmo game

Gatheryn - steampunk mmo game

Visit their homepage to learn more!

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