Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make Magazine 17 - Lost Knowledge on newsstands today!

The latest issue of Make Magazine hits newsstands today and it's featuring Lost Knowledge!

It's sure to be a steampunk extravaganza, and even has an article featuring a pillar of the steampunk community - Jake von Slatt - and how you can build a Wimshurst Spark Generator.

Take a gander at some sample pages from the issue
Make 17 - lost knowledge catalog 1 Make 17 - lost knowledge catalog 2

This looks to be a can't miss issue for anyone interesting in not just steampunk, but also tips, advice and ideas on great projects to create yourself to really enliven your Victorian workshop.

Check out the Make website here!


The Clever Pup said...

when i started my blog originally for my son, I thought I'd try a steam punk theme but I wasn't clever enough to figure out how to do the graphics.

Did you follow news about the telectroscope that surfaced in NY and London last summer. Very cool. I'm thinking of doing an article on the company that runs that production. They also did the Sultan's Elephant and that big Spider in Liverpool. Right up your alley.

When my son was smaller I enjoyed the Dinotopia books. They had a real steampunk feel. And of course, Jules Verne must be the Granddaddy of Steam Punk.

Renquist Von Reik said...

I saw that telescope and was planning on covering it at some point, same with the elephant and spider as well! They're all fantastic examples of steampunk engineering in large scale action. I absolutely fell in love with, I believe it was the spider, which was sewing the cars on the street together with a giant needle and rope! Too cool, and fear not - the cars were part of the show hehe.

Stay tuned like I said, I'll be featuring all of those and some other giant mechanisms in the near future!