Friday, March 6, 2009

Interestingly steampunk cars

While traveling the æthyr in the wee hours of the morning I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open. Deciding it would probably be best to set down for some much needed sleep I started to descend below the clouds when my tired eyes spied the most magnificent vehicles on the roads beneath me!

Flying low over the drivers I began to inquire about the lovely cars and fortunately my trust deguerrotype was close at hand so I took a few plates to share.

The first car I investigated turned out to be a Leyat Helica circa 1913. Dubbed the aircraft without wings, it was extremely light and boasted an actual airplane engine meaning it was extremely fast, especially for it's day! In 1927 one of these reached a top speed of 106mph! Impressive for a car made out of plywood.

Here's the picture I captured:
Leyat Helica circa 1913 - a steampunk original car

Here was another Helica I spotted just a few minutes later, driven by a charming chap who was kind enough to tell me about his sport version over a spot of tea. I'd share all the details with you, but you don't appear to have any tea. Instead, enjoy this image I captured of him, his rather less than charming father, and the wonderful Helica Sport model.

Leyat Helica Sport - a steampunk original car

Finally, I am delighted to show you my personal favorite - the Helicron No. 1! Can you believe this seductive machine was parked in a barn and forgotten about for nearly 70 years. Most fortunately, it has been restored and was seen with my own eyes to be running almost as smoothly as the Anomaly Obscura Engine...almost. Regardless, this one of a kind car was engineered in France and can reach top speeds of around 75mph.

Helicron No.1 - a steampunk original car

Perhaps one day I'll tinker with ground vehicles, after all you can't take an Anomaly Obscura Engine everywhere. For now I think I'll keep to the skies and be content to admire these lovely vehicles from above.


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