Friday, March 6, 2009

Inspiring Steampunk Art from the CGSociety

The most venerable CGSociety recently concluded its artists' contest - Steampunk, Myths and Legends - and, as expected from the truly world class artists there, the results are simply spectacular!

For those unfamiliar with CGSociety - The Society of Digital Artists, it is an online community open to anyone who creates or appreciates Computer Generated artwork and hosts many industry experts and professionals in additional to amateurs and enthusiasts. The quality of the artwork there is breathtaking and the Queen knows, I've found myself lost in their images for hours (and found many a wonderful background for my desk top as well).

Here's a small selection of my favorites from among the winners. Click the images to see the full works.

Odysseus' Departure, by Aleksander (Olek) Novak-Zemplinski

steampunk artwork - Odysseus' Departure

This is by far my favorite. The angle of the shot, looking down the long street in what appears to be a looming and yet seemingly empty city, is captivating and pulls you into the scene. The airship looks like a cross between a submarine and a viking longship to me, bristling with oars and designed to cut through the air. And of course, Odysseus himself, only visible from behind walking towards the gangplank gun in hand, cuts a mysterious figure that makes you want to know more about the man. This is an incredible picture and worthy of its award in the contest!

Don Quixote - Suppressor of engines, by Marek Madej

Steampunk artwork - Don Quixote, suppressor of engines

The good Captain has a soft spot in his heart for Don Quixote, the appeal of a kindred soul perhaps, tilting against the unbeatable adversary. This steampunk version of the man is wonderful in scope and the somewhat cloudy detail is so appropriately fitting the subject and surroundings in this case I had to include it as a personal favorite! Be sure to click the image to see the full work in all it's widescreen glory (this is, sadly, just a cropped version)

Icarus Day, by Tomasz Jedruszek

Steampunk artwork - Icarus Day

What most appealed to me in this image was the snow! It's a refreshing change seeing a steampunk vision that is cast in blues and grays as opposed to the much more common browns and brass. It immediately had my mind wandering in the snowy landscape looking around at what other wonders might lie just past the borders of the canvas. Additionally, the people in their intriguing garb apparently standing about peering at the machine jutting out of the hillside begs the questions, "What are they doing there." Anyone with any sense of imagination can't help but start creating their own story to explain this question and to me, that is what good fantasy art should do...give us the motivation and inspiration to step into the artists world and add to it with our own creative energies!

See all the winners and honorable mentions here, including short animated films and pictures!

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