Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I think something followed me through the Æthyr... is that a Cylon??

Out and about on one of my many adventures through the æthyr with my trusty and amazing Anomaly Obscura Engine I had the naggling itch that I was being followed. Pulling down my goggles and peering through the many cogs, gears, and pistons I could just make out a metallic form peering back at me, observing, following.

Now this is not the first time our good Captain has been in just such a pickle so confidently I swung around and ran like the dickens, but not before getting a clear look at my pursuer which I have reproduced here with a noteworthy attention to detail ~

steampunk cylon

I expect to see many more of these mechanical monsters of our own making soon, as is running a contest to see which of you mad inventors can design the best steampunk cylon!

Now I'm as big a fan of BSG as the next dashing captain, but I must say it's about time they added more steam to the Cylons! Those sleek silver metallic forms are an afront to proper design, not to mention the inferior energy systems they're using! Well finally we have our chance to show them what a proper Cylon should look like, so don't miss this opportunity!

Get details here
Unfortunately the contest is only open to residents of the New World, so Old Worlders can come up with their own designs and promptly keep them to themselves.

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