Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doctor Who's Steampunk Christmas!

This is old news for our friends in the Old World with access to the BBC waves, but in the New World it takes time for those waves to reach. With this in mind, I have only recently received the Doctor Who Christmas Special '08 but I must say, dear friends, it was worth the wait!

Without spoiling the plot this special is set in the latter 1800s and features the villainy of the Cybermen (Steam-men?) once again. Even more intriguing it feature The Next Doctor! Say no more, say no more. You'll have to watch it for yourselves to see what happens with that plotline...

I will tease you with a Victorian Doctor, side by side with the good Doctor we've enjoyed for several years now ~

Let me just say, David Morissey is absolutely brilliant in his turn as the next Doctor. I would thoroughly enjoy watching him take over the lead for the next few years! Plus a proper Victorian sense of virtue and flair would just fit the Doctor so well, indeed it's long overdue if you ask me and I know you wanted to.

As my first proper steampunk tease regarding this is the Cybermen Dreadnaught that wrecks havoc on merry old England...Londoners beware! (Hard to make out in this image is the Doctor in the basket of a hot air baloon staring down this steampunk behemoth)

My second tease is the intro to the episode, setting the scene and introducing the next Doctor!
How can you not love him!?!

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